Enhancing Writing Skills

Edited by:
Oluwakemi J. Elufiede, The Carnegie Writers, Inc.
Carrie J. Boden, Texas State University
Tina Murray, The Carnegie Writers, Inc.

A volume in the series: Adult Learning in Professional, Organizational, and Community Settings. Editor(s): Carrie J. Boden, Texas State University.

Published 2015

Enhancing Writing Skills includes conference presentation papers from the Carnegie Writers, Inc. 1st Annual Conference. The anthology provides published and aspiring writers resources for sustaining, enhancing and evaluating their writing skills. The chapter themes focus on genre-based writing, creativity in writing, mechanics of writing, academic writing, and writing as a business. Enhancing writing skills is beneficial to diverse writers as it impacts the community, working, and educational environments.


- Enable writers to learn from other writers for the development of networking relationships and professional development.

- Assist writers with techniques on sustaining their writing talents in their chosen genre or various genres.

- Provide meaningful publishing resources related to non-traditional and traditional publication venues.

- Enhance writers understanding for marketing strategies in the 21st century.

Forward, Creative Upwelling, Mary Buckner. Introduction, Oluwakemi Elufiede, Tina Murray, and Carrie J. Boden-McGill. PART I: GENRE-BASED WRITING. The Essentials of Poetry, David M. Harris. How Poetry and Lyrics are Different, Lisa Aschmann. Writing Historical Fiction, George Spain. Research for the Novel, Patricia H. Quinlan. PART II: CREATIVITY IN WRITING. The Connection Between Brain Science and Written Expression, Oluwakemi Elufiede. The Transcultural Perspective of Creativity in Academic Writing, Carrie J. Boden-McGill and Emmanuel Jean Francois. A Sense of Wonder: Why every creative writer needs, Tina Murray. PART III: ACADEMIC WRITING. Academic Literacy and The Creative Writer: Why Should Anyone Care What Theorists Have to say About Creativity and Literature, Joseph Ballantyne. Academic Writing: Expanding your Creative Writing Through the use of the library, Janet Walsh. PART IV: WRITING AS A BUSINESS. Speaking Your Truth: Freedom and Authority in an Era of Independent Publishing, Candy Paull. In the Eye of the Beholder, Carissa Barker-Stucky. PART V: MECHANICS OF WRITING. Lightning and The Lighting Bug: Why Language Matters and How to Make it work for you, Beth Terrell. As Clear as Mud: Correct Usage of Metaphors, Similes, and Idioms, Jamie Hughes. Conclusion, Oluwakemi Elufiede, Tina Murray, and Carrie J. Boden-McGill.