Ethical Leadership and the Community College

Paradigms, Decision-Making, and Praxis

J. Luke Wood, Sacramento State University
Carlos Nevarez, California State University, Sacramento

A volume in the series: Transformative Leadership in Postsecondary Education. Editor(s): Carlos Nevarez, California State University, Sacramento. J. Luke Wood, Sacramento State University.

Published 2014

This book is designed to aid community college leaders in becoming ethical leaders. This aim is essential, as ethical leadership is needed to address the continual ethical quandaries and persistent leadership dilemmas (e.g., funding, governance, accountability, shifting student demographics) facing public postsecondary education in the current era. When leaders are fully committed to the ideals that underscore public education (e.g., public good, access, social mobility, civic engagement) and accept the notion that their role as leaders is to be a servant to others, ethical leadership serves as a roadmap to guide their decisions, actions, and advocacy.

This volume serves as a comprehensive resource in articulating the foundational, conceptual, interpersonal, and practical dispositions of the critical need to develop leaders with high moral aptitudes.

Acknowledgements. PART I: LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR ETHICAL PRACTICE. 1. Ethics, Decision-Making, and Praxis. 2. Ethics, Leadership, and the Law. 3. Community College Leaders’ Moral Obligations. 4. Power and Ethics in Community College Leadership. PART II: FOUR ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING PARADGIMS. 5. The Ethic of Justice. 6. The Ethic of Critique. 7. The Ethic of Care. 8. The Ethic of Local Community. PART III: PROBLEM-SOLVING THROUGH CASE STUDIES. 1. Access is Not Enough: A Case on Peer Mentoring, Paige E. Sindt. 2. Diversity, Hiring, and the Reality of Higher Education, John D. Harrison. 3. Paying the Price for Title IX Sports, David Horton Jr. 4. Volunteers for Service Learning, S. Mei-Yen Ireland and Ben Williams. 5. Facilitating Student Success and Long-term Fiscal Stability, Jim Riggs. 6. To Restrict or Not: Tuition and Fee Waivers for Immigrant Students, Juanita Gamez Vargas. 7. Not So Sunny in Sunny Town Community College, Samer Batarseh and Rafael Prado. 8. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Addressing the Divide, Walter A. Torrence, III. 9. Merging the Divide: Equitable Articulation Agreements, Dionica Bell. 10. Interrupting Educational Campus Inequities, Lorri Johnson Santamaría. 11. Am I Really Going Back to School? JoLynn Langslet. 12. Bonus Incentives for the Former NBA Star, Juanita Gamez Vargas. References. Author Biographies.