Executive Ethics II

Ethical Dilemmas and Challenges for the C Suite, 2nd Edition

Edited by:
Ronald R. Sims, William & Mary
Scott A. Quatro, Covenant College

Published 2016

This 2nd edition of Executive Ethics provides a variety of contemporary and timely readings squarely focused on the ethical dilemmas and challenges faced by today’s C‐suite executives. In addition to identifying these dilemmas and challenges, the contributors provide both knowledge and insight on how C‐suite executives can proactively address such ethics issues. The contributors provide unique value propositions for the C‐suite regarding the most critical ethical issues facing organizations today while also highlighting useful information for senior executives interested in integrating ethics into the leadership and management practices of their organizations. In the end, the book empowers C‐suite executives to build a long‐term, strategic, and enterprise‐wide approach to ethics.

List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface: The Necessary Preeminence of Ethics in Business, C. William Pollard. Acknowledgments. Introduction to Executive Ethics II, Ronald R. Sims and Scott A. Quatro. Crafting a Culture of Character: The Role of the Executive Suite, William I. Sauser, Jr. The CSuite’s Role in Countering Moral Muteness, Ronald R. Sims, Johannes Brinkmann, and William I. Sauser, Jr. Profit Profits! Scott A. Quatro. Leadership Is What You Think It Is, Darin Gerdes. The Law of Unintended Consequences and the Power of Contrarian Thinking, Mike Kramer. Ethical Leaders: Trust, Work–Life Abundance, and Treating Individuals as Unique, Tammy Cowart, Ann Gilley, Sherry Avery, Afton Barber, and Jerry W. Gilley. Before and After an Ethical Fall: The C‐Suite Challenge of Building, Managing and Rebuilding Reputation, Ronald R. Sims. Use of Executive “Giving” to Guide Organizational Behavior, Shannon Jackson, Pamela L. Lee, and Sheri K. Bias. Ethics Training for the Executive Suite, William I. Sauser, Jr. and Ronald R. Sims. Applying a Primary Risk Management Model to the C‐Suite: Strategies for Executive Ethics, Alexandra E. MacDougall, Zhanna Bagdasarov, and M. Ronald Buckley. Crafting a Platform for CSR: Letting the Trellis Guide the Vines, David Duby. Ethics and Corruption from the Perspective of the CFO, William T. Geary. Ethical Issues in Financial Matters, R. Scott Pearson. The Ethical Dimension of Big Data, John M. Hunt. A Human Dignity Approach to Business Ethics for Executives, William. J. Mea and Richard J. Wall, Jr. Ancient Hebrew Wisdom for a Contemporary Business World: Timeless Ethical Principles for C‐Suite Executives, Michael E. Cafferky. Rational Nonconformity with Ethical Standards in Fundraising by Nonprofit Executives: Revisited, Herrington J. Bryce. Stewarding High Performance in Nonprofit Organizations: The Mission‐Critical Challenge of Addressing Mediocrity Among Employees, Dan Wykoff. About the Contributors.