Exploring Cultural Competence in Professional Development Schools

Edited by:
JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College
Janice L. Nath, University of Houston
Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown

A volume in the series: Research in Professional Development Schools and School-University Partnerships. Editor(s): JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College. Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown. Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte. Jennifer K. McCorvey, University of South Florida.

Published 2020

This book examines the ways in which PDSs build cultural competence for various stakeholders including pre-service teachers, classroom teachers, school leaders, college faculty, and K-12 students. Given the increased national attention on the opportunity gap present in underserved marginalized communities across the country, the authors in this series identify a combination of research-based practices and institutional changes that increase student attainment and develop educators’ capacity to serve a range of diverse learners. We are certain the timeliness of the topic will provide educators with context for understanding the role PDSs play in the creation of culturally responsive schools.

Introduction. Acknowledgment. Organizational Cultural Competence in PDS Networks and Teacher Certification Programs, Teresa R. Fisher-Ari, Regina Speights, Mina Veazie, Haimanot Haile, Elizabeth Tennies, and Huan Ngo. When Racial Equity Is Center: Enacting Culturally Responsive Teacher Preparation in PDS Settings, Morgan Faison and Janna Dresden. Fostering a Diversity Perspective: Embedding Cultural Responsiveness Learning Throughout a Teacher Education Program, David S. Bender, Chrystine Mitchell, Sharon Pitterson-Ogaldez, and Jayné Park-Martínez. Leveraging School–University Partnerships to Build Cultural Competence in Teacher Candidates, Drew Polly. Preparing Teachers for Changing Classrooms: Assessing the Impact of an International Professional Development Schools Program, Pixita del Prado Hill, Nancy Chicola, and Tamara Hortsman-Riphahn. Enhancing Culturally Relevant Teaching: The International Teacher-to-Teacher Exchange Program, Jeanne Tunks, Ricardo González-Carriedo, Lacey Rainey, and Sarah Reynolds Measuring Changes in Teachers’ Perceived and Actual Cultural Competence Using the Intercultural Developmental Inventory in the PDS Context, Stephanie Savick and Candice Logan-Washington. Teaching Global Multicultural Competence and Citizenship, Stephanie Rein. Common Professional Language: A Critical Piece for Communication and Research in Professional Development Schools, Joan Ickes, Janice Nath, Kelly O’Neal-Hixson, Ronald Beebe, and Jeff Lash. About the Editors. About the Contributors.