Exploring the Impact of the Dissertation in Practice

Edited by:
Valerie A. Storey, University of Central Florida

Published 2017

Exploring the Impact of the Dissertation in Practice significantly contributes to our understanding of the design and impact of the Dissertation in Practice, the capstone of professional practice doctoral programs. Chapter authors are to be commended for sharing with the reader a broad and reflective view of their dissertation journey, and as a consequence give the reader insight into the nature of professional practice doctorate education in the early 21st century. Readers have the opportunity to hear firsthand how the dissertation is changing not only in format but also in the impact it makes in the field. Faculty and program graduates share accounts of their scholarly practice; the problems of practice that they have encountered and addressed in their professional practice; and their evolving role as change agents in their field of practice. In the process, they assist all faculty involved in designing and evaluating professional practice programs by identifying challenges and opportunities for construction of powerful end‐of‐program doctoral work. Individually and collectively chapter authors reflect on their experiences in creating practice‐anchored and intellectually rigorous Dissertation in Practice. The editor, Dr. Valerie A. Storey, has divided the book into two sections. The first focused on reflections of faculty and the second on reflections of program graduates as they describe how the Dissertation in Practice process develops scholarly practitioner graduates capacity to lead systemic reform.

Introduction: Exploring the Impact of the Dissertation in Practice, Valerie A. Storey. SECTION I: EXPLORING THE IMPACT FACTORS OF THE DISSERTATION IN PRACTICE: A 21ST CENTURY MODEL, Valerie A. Storey. Through a Professor’s Lens: A Narrative from the Field, Denver J. Fowler. The Courage to Intervene in the World: The Power of the Dissertation in Practice, Carol A. Kochhar‐Bryant. The EdD Program: Context and Dilemmas in the Development of the dissertation in Practice, Virginia Montero‐Hernandez and Anysia Mayer. Transforming Schools—From the Inside Out! Jacqueline Hawkins, Kristi L. Santi, Johanna L. Thorpe, Janeen R. S. Antonelli, and Elliott J. Witney. SECTION II: WHY THE DISSERTATION IN PRACTICE APPROACH, Jessie H. E. Holton. Transforming Education Leaders: Impacts of the Dissertation in Practice on Graduates of a Global Executive Level EdD, Rob Filback, Cathy Krop, Helena Seli, and Tracy Tambascia. How My EdD Program Turned me Into a Social Justice Practitioner‐Scholar, Laurie Scolari. The Collaborative Cohort Mode: A Group Perspective on the Issues and Impact of Collaborating on a Dissertation in Practice, William E. Collins, Christopher D. Casavant, Erica A. Faginski‐Stark, Jason P. McCandless, and Marilyn A. Tencza. Change in Action: The Education Doctorate and Dissertation in Practice, Katy Farber and Sara Ewell. Team‐Building Professional Development, Denise Goodhue. Dissertation in Practice (DiP) as Opportunity: Acting as a Mentor and Leader in a Doctoral Program, Sheri K. Rodriguez. Teacher Leadership: A Journey from Classroom Teacher to Scholarly Practitioner, Cathleen Benedict. “I Will Make a Difference” Using the Professional Doctorate to Influence Audiological Care for People with Learning Disabilities, Lynzee McShea. Stories of Native Educators in Hawai’i Navigating Their EdD Journeys, Makalapua Alencastre, Jocelyn Romero Demirbag, Mary Perez Hattori, Cathy Kanoelani Ikeda, and Walter Kahumoku III. Dissertation in Practice (DiP): Influences to Guide Professional Development Reform, Michelle Rosen. Reflections of Dissertation in Practice (DiP) Research: The Reacculturation Experiences of First‐Generation College Students with Undecided Majors, Tracey Glaessgen and Cynthia MacGregor. The Intentional Gardener, Catherine E. Zeisner. Thriving in Whitewater: A Professional Practice Doctorate Experience, Lee S. Barney.