Faculty Development by Design

Integrating Technology in Higher Education

Edited by:
Punya Mishra, Michigan State University
Matthew J. Koehler, Michigan State University
Yong Zhao, Michigan State University

A volume in the series: Research, Innovation & Methods in Educational Technology. Editor(s): Chrystalla Mouza, University of Delaware. Nancy C. Lavigne, University of Delaware.

Published 2007

This book attempts to offer not just a bird's-eye view of the communities of designers project, but also to help identify broad themes and issues that can inform discussions and policies of technology integration at other institutions.

Acknowledgments. Editor’s Preface. Communities of Designers: A Brief History and Introduction, Punya Mishra, Matthew J. Koehler, and Yong Zhao. Infusing Technology in Teacher Education: How Does Learning Guide Design? Cheryl L. Rosaen and Sharon Hobson. Odyssey in Technology: A Quest to Design Interactive Contexts for Exploring Children’s Responses to Literature, Laura Apol and Sheryl Rop. Sexy Beast: The Integration of Video Technology in an English Methods Course, Leslie David Burns and Stephen Koziol. The Technology and Literacy Project: Crossing Boundaries to Conceptualize the New Literacies, Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Jory Brass, and Dipendra Subedi. Maps and More: Engaging Maps and Social Science Data as Narratives About the World, Avner Segall and Bettie Landauer-Menchik. Collaborative Development of Technology-Based Social Studies Materials, Timothy H. Little. Design as Professional Development: The Inner and Outer Journeys of Learning to Develop Online Learning, John M. Dirkx. A Faculty Member’s Journey in Using Technology to Enhance Learning, Ann E. Austin. Integrating Technology Through Community-Based Design, Martin Oliver. Communities of Designers: Transforming a Situation Into a Unified Whole, Bertram “Chip” Bruce. About the Authors.