Family Involvement in Faith-Based Schools

Edited by:
Diana Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University

A volume in the series: Family School Community Partnership Issues. Editor(s): Diana Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University.

Published 2017

An essential read for all school principals and persons engaged in educational policy. Parental interest in faith-based schooling for children has surged and the contents of this book reveal the reasons for this surge. This book provides insights to school choice, support for faith-based schooling, and opening doors for increased parent involvement in schools.

Authors focus on promising practices that these schools utilize to engage parents in the daily life of school and the effects of such practices on the educational life of the school. Their work cover Catholic, Jewish, Christian and Muslim schools within the U. S. and internationally. In addition, chapters suggest ways to market schools and promote social justice in faith-based schools.

Foreword. PART I: ISSUES. Family Involvement in Faith-Based Schools, Diana B. Hiatt-Michael. Religious School Brands as a School Choice Communication Tool, Albert Cheng and Patrick J. Wolf. Considerations for Addressing Diversity in Christian Schools, Allison H. Blosser. PART II: CROSS SECTION OF FAITH-BASED SCHOOLS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Family Involvement in Protestant Christian Schools, William D. Walner and Diana B. Hiatt-Michael. Family Engagement in Jewish Day Schools, Dan Ahlstrom. Family Involvement in Catholic Schools, Jacqueline Davis and Diana B. Hiatt-Michael. Muslim American Families and Their Child’s Education in America, Yolanda Dawson. PART III: FAMILY INVOLVEMENT IN INTERNATIONAL FAITH-BASED SCHOOLS. Catholic Schools and the Community in the Philippines, Eleuterio Buquiran and Jeremy Villar. Parental Choice and Changing Christian School Identity in the Netherlands, Gerdien Bertram-Troost and Siebren Miedema. Parental Involvement in Faith-Based Elementary Schools in Israel, Bruria Schaedel.

"Family Involvement in Faith-Based Schools is a recent addition in this series from Information Age Publishing using Joyce Epstein’s (2010) “Six Types of Parent Involvement,” focusing on family involvement with a secondary and more narrowed focal point of faith-based schools per the book’s title. It is the type of book that those exploring ways faith-based school organizations can involve families should read and would be of interest to steering committees, school leadership, teachers, and all individuals who seek to improve education through family involvement. The book provides a snapshot of current practice and of concerns with the schools it highlights and offers examples and directions on related topics such as parent choice and diversity." Karen Estep Grand Canyon University in School Community Journal


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