Fiscal Policy in Urban Education

Edited by:
Christopher Roellke, Stetson University
Jennifer King Rice, University of Maryland

A volume in the series: Research in Education Fiscal Policy and Practice. Editor(s): Kieran M. Killeen, University of Vermont. Thomas Downes, Tufts University.

Published 2002

About the Contributors. Introduction. School Finance and Urban Education Reform, Christopher Roellke and Jennifer King Rice. PART I: FISCAL DIMENSIONS of URBAN SCHOOL REFORM. Can Whole-School Reform Improve the Productivity of Urban Schools? The Evidence on Three Models, Robert Bifulco. Whole School Reform and School-based Budgeting in New Jersey: Three Years of Implementation, Bari Anhalt Erlichson and Margaret Goertz. Balancing the Books: The Relationship Between Fiscal Condition, Educational Output, and District Competition in the Metropolitan Districts of Minnesota, Nicola Alexander. School Performance and Resource Use: The Role of Districts in New York City, Patrice Iatarola, Leanna Stiefel and Amy Ellen Schwartz. PART II: THE SUPPLY, DEMAND, and QUALITY of CITY TEACHERS. Teacher Attrition and Mobility in Urban Districts: Evidence from Wisconsin. Jennifer Imazeki. Reducing Novice Teacher Attrition In Urban School Districts: Focusing On The Moving Target, Neil Theobald and Robert S. Michael. PART III: EQUITY and ADEQUACY in URBAN SCHOOLS. The Adequacy of Urban Education: Focusing on Teacher Quality, Whitney Allgood and Jennifer King Rice. Using Student Level Data to Measure School Finance Adequacy: An Exploratory Analysis, Lawrence O. Picus, Jacquelyn McCroskey, Ed Robillard, Jane Yoo and Lynne Marsenich. PART IV: PRIVATE SCHOOL FINANCE and PRIVATE MONEY FOR URBAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Private School Finance: Tugging on the Curtain. Brian Brent. Private Money/Public Schools: Early Evidence on Private and Non-Traditional Support for New York City Public Schools, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Hella Bel Hadj Amor, and Norm Fruchter. CONCLUSION. Fiscal Policy in Urban Education: Lessons Learned and Implications for Research. Jennifer King Rice, University of Maryland and Christopher Roellke.