Fostering Sustainability by Management Education

Edited by:
Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Wolfgang Amann, HEC Paris

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives in Corporate Social Performance and Policy. Editor(s): Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch, Canadian University Dubai.

Published 2017

This book presents our set of insights and solutions for more effectively integrating corporate social responsibility into management education. Internationally acclaimed authors critically review this multifaceted process in a variety of countries. The book is divided into several sections. After the introduction, three parts delve deep on the following aspects: “Values, Ethics and Spirituality in Management Education”, “Embedding CSR in Management Education”, and “University Social Responsibility”. This book combines theoretical considerations and state-of-the-art, practical advice. The purpose of this book is to ensure graduates pay enough attention to CSR, become more interested in it, trigger a desire for action and feel well equipped to implement tailored initiatives. Future business leaders and managers ought to become change agents who can more easily cope with the complexities CSR entails.

Management Education for Corporate Social Responsibility: Fashion or Necessity, Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch and Wolfgang Amman. PART I: VALUES, ETHICS AND SPIRITUALITY IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION. Can Character Strengths Be Taught in a School of Management? Jaime Barrera Parra and Gustavo Alfonso González. Couture Implementing Spirituality in Business and Management Education, Amelia Naim Indrajaya. A Proposal for Management Education Based on the Jesuit Educative Model for Higher Education and PRME Objectives, Ricardo Aguado, Leire Alcañiz, and José Luis Retolaza. Educating Leaders of Tomorrow: The Development of Moral Character in Students, Susan S. Case and Edward Chavez. PART II: EMBEDDING CSR IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION. Embedding Corporate Social Responsibility in Tertiary Education Programs for Sustainable Development in Africa, Enyonam Canice Kudonoo and Benony Kwaku Gordor. Anticorruption in Management Training and the Business Game Method, Christian Hauser and Ruth Nieffer. Embedding Sustainability in the Gustavson School of Business: A Change in Culture, Heather Ranson, Kim Ceulemans, and Monika I. Winn. Stories, Action, and Ethics in Management Education, Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen. PART III: UNIVERSITY SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Flamenco as a Pedagogical Metaphor For Excellence in a Values-Based Organization, Walter Baets. Integrating Sustainability Mindset and Impact Competencies in Management Education: Directions, Models, and Strategies, Marco Tavanti and Elizabeth B. Davis. Humanizing Corporations and Socializing Their Responsibilities: The Challenge for Business Schools, David Starr-Glass. Integrity Capital Acquisition and Management Learning From the Polish Experience: Fighting Corruption in a New Globalized Era, Peter Odrakiewicz and David Odrakiewicz. Today’s Student, Tomorrow’s Leader: Using Case Studies to Prepare College Students to Make Real-World Ethical Decisions, Kathryn H. Woods. The Final section of the book presents the background of the editors and authors.


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