Funding Public Schools in the United States and Indian Country

Edited by:
David C. Thompson, Kansas State University
R. Craig Wood, University of Florida
S. Craig Neuenswander, Kansas State Department of Education
John M. Heim, Kansas Association of School Boards
Randy D. Watson, Commissioner of Education, State of Kansas

Published 2019

The National Education Finance Academy (NEFA) has completed a project providing a one- of-a-kind practical book on funding P-12 education in the United States. The book, entitled Funding Public Schools in the United States and Indian Country is a single volume with a clear and short chapter about each state. Approximately 50% of chapters are authored by university faculty who are members of NEFA; approximately 25% of chapters are authored by state department of education officials and/or state school board association officials; and the remaining 25% of chapters are authored by ASBO affiliate states.

Each chapter contains information about:

• Each state’s aid formula background;
• Basic support program description and operation (the state aid formula) including how school aid is apportioned (e.g., state appropriations, local tax contributions, cost share ratios, and more);
• Supplemental funding options relating to how school districts raise funds attached to or above the regular state aid scheme;
• Compensatory programs operated in school districts and how those are funded and aided;
• Categorical programs operated in school districts and how those are funded and aided;
• Any funding supports for transportation operations;
• Any funding supports for physical facilities and operations; and
• Other state aids not covered in the above list.

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