Gender, Sexuality and Peace Education

Issues and Perspectives in Higher Education

Laura L. Finley, Barry University
Robin Cooper, Nova Southeastern University

A volume in the series: Peace Education. Editor(s): Laura L. Finley, Barry University.

Published 2018

This edited volume, authored by scholars, students, and activists, focuses on how peace educators at the collegiate level can more effectively address gender and sexuality. Chapters focus on the classroom and the campus at large, and emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary practice, thoughtful approaches that offer both challenges and safety, and solidarity and support. The volume includes entries on hot and important topics, including trigger warnings, using popular culture in the classroom, sex trafficking, campus sexual assault, and more. Contributors come from a variety of disciplinary areas, making the volume eclectic in nature. Further, most entries include student voices, providing much- needed agency for college youth. While the book does offer a critical perspective, importantly, chapters also offer hope and possibility.

Series Introduction, Laura Finley and Robin Cooper. Preface. Acknowledgments and Dedication. Introduction. Gender-Environment-Peace: Exploring the Links Through Problem-Posing, Janet Gray and Natalie Tietjen. The Campus Trigger Warning, Tyler (Ellora) LaCarrubba. Recirculating the Narrative: Exposing the Ethics of Language Use in 13 Reasons Why, Kelly Concannon. Humanizing Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Through a Trauma-Informed, Person-in-Environment Lens, Sambra Zaoui. Social Work Students Reflect on Learning About Sex Trafficking, Elizabeth Ringler-Jayanthan, Marni Barish, and Reynel Mirabal Tang. Building Peace Culture: Shifting Gender Views as a Solution to Violence, Lucia Klencakova and Mariely Valentin-Llopis. My Gender Portfolio: Applying Object-Based Reflection in Teaching Communication and Gender, Nickesia S. Gordon and Margaret Chojnacki. Dating Violence Education: Teaching Campus and Community Through Experiential Learning, Laura Finley With Marissa Dorsett. Transforming Campus Cultures for LGBTQ+ Students: Moving From Places of Trauma to Places of Affirmation and Healing, Ashley Austin, Irene Kepler, Shelley Craig, and Britney Philippeaux, with Erick Paulino, Jenniffer Perez Clayton, and Matthew Hogue Smith. Muslim Women’s Pursuit of Higher Education: Challenging Gender Equity, Rafael Harley and Nekeisha Bascombe. My Journey as a Male Feminist, Matthew Johnson. Original Violence, John Chapin and Grace Coleman. Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Programs: The Importance of Including Faculty, Laura Finley. Conclusion. Appendix: Recommended Resources. About the Editor and Authors.