Gender and Early Learning Environments

Edited by:
Beverly Irby, Sam Houston State University
Genevieve H. Brown, Sam Houston State University

A volume in the series: Research on Women and Education. Editor(s): Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University. Julia Ballenger, Texas A&M University, Commerce.

Published 2011

The Research on Women and Education SIG of the American Educational Research Association presents the third book in its series, Gender and Early Learning Environments. Finding after the publication of Gender and Schooling in the Early Years, the second book in the series, that there was and is a paucity of published literature on early childhood gender issues, the editors determined that one additional book on early childhood and gender issues was warranted in this series. The latest book in the series, Gender and Early Learning Environments, is encompassing of a wide range of topics addressing early childhood influences on gender and development of the whole child. For early childhood educators, this book aides in making visible and exploring the definition of what gender means in contemporary culture.

Preface 1 Their Play Is Different: Power, Language, and Gender Socialization at a Waldorf Daycare, Marguerite Wilson 2 Girls and Boys, Work and Play: Gendered Meanings and Participation in Early Childhood Education, Sue Nichols 3 Young Children's Gendered Positioning and Emotional Scenarios in Play Narratives, Samara Madrid, Laurie Katz 4 May I Still Call You Honey-Man: One Child, Vacillating Gender, and the Experiences of Home, School, and Community, Robin Fox 5 On Being a Boy or a Girl in Mrs. Sanders' First Grade Classroom, Paula P. Guerra Lombardi, Andrea S. Foster 6 How South African Teachers Construct Gender in the Early Years of Schooling, Deevia Bhana 7 Race, Space, and Girls' Interactions on Urban Playgrounds, Eleanor R. Spindler 8 A Hallmark Moment? Barbara E. Polnick, Gene Polnick 9 Child Abuse: Traumatic Influences and Treatment, Sandra Johnson 10 Teacher Education Students' Perceptions of Gender Differences in Children, Linda M. Creighton About the Contributors