Getting Closer to God

William Jeynes, California State-Long Beach

Published 2009

Getting Closer to God is a devotional and intellectually stimulating book that is designed to draw the reader into a more intimate relationship with God. The book examines some of the most challenging aspects of drawing closer to God and communicates that some of the most heartwrenching aspects of drawing closer to God during which many feel isolated are actually experiences that many Christians share. This book is not designed for people who take faith and spirituality lightly, but for those who want to be stretched spiritually and intellectually.

Some of the subjects that are examined include: spiritual growth, life’s patterns, dealing with difficult people, discerning what truth faith actually involves, evangelism, prayer, practicing the presence of God, loving God, loving others, humility, spiritual maturity, becoming disappointed in people, being called of God, God’s timing, waiting on God, paising God, accepting others, forgiveness, controlling anger, worrying, guilt, spiritual gifts, temptation, legalism, marriage, disciple, and a host of other topics.

This book can read in a few sittings, but its optimal efficacy will be appreciated if it is read at the rate of a section or two per day. You will find this book encouraging and inspirational! Enjoy it to the fullest