Global Business

An Economic, Social, and Environmental Perspective Third Edition

Nader H. Asgary, Bentley University
Dina Frutos‐Bencze, Saint Anselm College
Massood V. Samii, Southern New Hampshire University
Hossein Varamini, Elizabethtown College

Published 2021

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the globe at the end of 2019 turned global business upside down. It forced the closure of many businesses, disrupted global supply chains, reduced travel across borders, and created fear about face-to-face interactions. As the lockdowns in many countries created uncertainty about the future business activities, global business leaders were scrambling to find new strategies to safely re-establish their business relationships with their stakeholders. The existing historical economic, social, and racial injustice in the American society toward Black, Indigenous, and People of Color was compounded by the COVID-19. This led the movements of the Black Lives Matter to reenergize and become a global phenomenon. The horrific and sad death of George Floyd and many others triggered huge global movements to demand respect for human rights and dignity for all. Additionally, climate change and environmental degradation have caused unprecedented forests fires, more frequent and damaging hurricanes, and migration demand a revived global business book.

This third edition of Global Business: An Economic, Social, and Environmental Perspective incorporates global business issues related to COVID-19, the economic and social injustice of BIPOC, and environmental degradation where it is appropriate. The reader will understand the impact of these critical global business issues discussed in the book through examples, case studies and thought-provoking discussions. These challenges require businesses, governments, and the active engagement of citizens to succeed. The aim of this book is to bring these issues for discussion and action by these stakeholders. Each chapter includes supplementary PowerPoint slides, Test-Bank, and Teaching notes that are available for instructors only.

Introduction. Acknowledgments. SECTION I: GLOBAL AND ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTS CHAPTER ONE: Globalization. CHAPTER TWO: The Global Economic Environment. CHAPTER THREE: Trade Theories and the Role of Governments in Trade. CHAPTER FOUR: The Global Financial System and Risk. SECTION II: POLITICAL, CULTURAL AND ETHICAL ENVIRONMENTS CHAPTER FIVE: Political and Legal Environments. CHAPTER SIX: Cultural and Social Environments. CHAPTER SEVEN: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. SECTION III: FIRM-LEVEL MANAGEMENT CHAPTER EIGHT: The Internationalization Process of a Firm. CHAPTER NINE: International Business Strategy. CHAPTER TEN: Entry Into a Foreign Market. CHAPTER ELEVEN: Cross-Cultural Management. SECTION IV: CURRENT ISSUES IN GLOBAL BUSINESS CHAPTER TWELVE: Environmental Changes and Global Business. CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Sustainability, Social Enterprise and Impact Investment. CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Disruptive Innovation and International Business. About the Authors.