Global Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality in Education

Raising Awareness, Fostering Equity, Advancing Justice

Edited by:
Elinor L. Brown, University of Kentucky
Guichun Zong, Kennesaw State University

A volume in the series: International Advances in Education: Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice. Editor(s): Elinor L. Brown, University of Kentucky. Rhonda G. Craven, University of Western Sydney. George McLean, Catholic Universities of America.

Published 2017

International Advances in Education: Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice is an international research monograph series that contributes to the body of inclusive educational policies and practices focused on: empowering society’s most vulnerable groups; raising the ethical consciousness of those in positions of authority; and encouraging all to take up the mantle of global equity in educational opportunity, economic freedom and human dignity. Each themed volume in this series draws on the research and innovative practices of investigators, academics, educators, politicians, administrators, and community organizers around the globe.

This volume consists of three sections; each centered on an aspect of gender equity in the context of education. The chapters are drawn from a wide range of countries including: Australia, China, Gambia, India, Italy, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Slovenia, Swaziland, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, The United States, and Turkey addressing issues of gender equity, citizenship education, egalitarianism in sexual orientation, and strategies to combat human trafficking. The 15 chapters document both the progress and challenges facing those who strive for gender equity in access to education, the portrayal of women in curricula, and the acceptance of diverse sexual orientations within differing country contexts and provide an overview of promising policies, practices and replicable successful programs.

Series Introduction, Elinor L. Brown, Rhonda C. Craven, and George McLean. Volume Introduction, Elinor L. Brown and Guichun Zong. Acknowledgements. PART I: PROMOTING GENDER EQUITY IN ACCESS TO SCHOOLING. Gender and Schooling in Lao PDR: The Confluence of Ethnic Minority Status, Politics, and History, Leena Her. Kenya’s Initiatives to Gender Equity in Basic Education Through International and National Gender Framework Lenses, Anne Kanga, Salome Maina, and Lawrence Njoroge. Missing Girls in Schools: Gender Inequality and Educational Disparities in Rural China, Guang Yu Tan. Understanding the Gambia Success Story in Girls’ Education: Enabling Factors and Remaining Challenges, Carly Manion and Haddy Njie. Educational Rights of a Girl Child in India? Examining Intersection Between National Curricular Reform Policy and Education as a Fundamental Rights Law, Geeta Verma and Vanashri Nargund‐Joshi. PART II: REDUCING GENDER BIAS IN K–12 CURRICULA. From Nanny of the Maroons to Portia Simpson: Rebel Women Writing New Chapters in Caribbean History and Politics, Marva McClean. Which Half of the Sky? A Critical Analysis of Representation of Women in New Chinese Middle School History Textbooks, Guichun Zong. Alippe, Bukvar’, and Gender: A Comparative Analysis of Early Literacy Textbooks in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Rakhat Zholdoshalieva and Olga Mun. Classroom Strategies for Reducing Gender Inequities in History, Ginney Norton. Active Democratic Citizenship Education: A Curriculum for Reducing Gender Bias and Bullying, Bulent Tarman and Ahmet Doğanay. PART III: TEACHING, LEARNING, LIVING IN GENDER/SEXUALLY INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENTS. Making Sense of Changes in Education, Social Justice, and Equity for Women in China, Xiaoli Jiang. Constructions of Gender Among Abantu Cultures of Southern Africa, Kayi Ntinda. Human Trafficking on the Web: Opportunities for Education, Mojca Pajnik and Veronika Bajt. Queering Multicultural Education, Tinashe M. Dune, Elias Mpofu, David Evans, and Gerard, Sullivan. Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Inclusive Education: The Impact of Learning Environment and Social Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Children and Youth, Jacqueline Ullman, Gerard Sullivan, and Heidi Gilchrist. About the Contributors.


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