Global Perspectives on Issues and Solutions in Urban Education

Petra A. Robinson, Louisiana State University
Ayana Allen-Handy, Drexel University
Amber Bryant, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Chance W. Lewis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Access, Equity, and Achievement. Editor(s): Chance W. Lewis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Published 2019

In 2014, The Urban Education Collaborative at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte hosted its first biennial International Conference on Urban Education (ICUE) in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In 2016, the second hosting of the conference took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Additionally, in 2018, the third hosting of the conference took place in Nassau, Bahamas. These solution-focused conferences brought together students, teachers, scholars, public sector and business professionals as well as others from around the world to present their research and best practices on various topics pertaining to urban education.

With ICUE’s inspiration, this book is a response to the growing need to highlight the multifaceted aspects of urban education particularly focusing on common issues and solutions in urban environments (e.g., family and community engagement, student academic achievement, teacher preparation and professional development, targeted instructional and disciplinary interventions, opportunity gaps, culturally-relevant and sustaining practices, etc.). Additionally, with this book, we seek to better understand the challenges facing urban educators and students and to offer progressive initiatives toward resolutions.

This unique compilation of work is organized under four major themes all targeted at critically addressing concerns that may inhibit the success of urban learners and providing solutions that have implications for curriculum design, development, and delivery; teacher preparation and teaching diverse populations; career readiness and employment; and even more nuanced issues related to foster care, undocumented students and mental health, sustainable consumption, childhood marriage, food deserts, and marine life and urban communities.

Global Perspectives on Issues and Solutions in Urban Education, Petra A. Robinson, Ayana Allen-Handy, Amber Bryant, and Chance W. Lewis. SECTION I: INNOVATIONS IN CURRICULUM DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, AND DELIVERY: SOLUTIONS FOR BUILDING 21ST CENTURY SKILLS, MOTIVATION, AND STUDENT SUCCESS. Hip Hop Music in the Classroom: A Motivational Tool for African American Student Success in Schools? Felicia M. Gangloff-Bailey and Kimberly Edelin Freeman. I Code Therefore I Am: The Sociotechnical Narrative of a Coding Curriculum in Bangalore, Eric Byker. Students’ Attitudes, Teaching Styles and Methodologies and the Impact They Have on Students’ Performance in CSEC Geography, Charlene P. Stoddart. SECTION II: INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS AFFECTING TEACHER PREPARATION AND STUDENTS. Examining Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Through Intentional Internship Placements Within Partnership and PDS Schools, Christie Martin and Michele Myers. Using Cross-National Education Study Tours to Enhance Global Competent Leadership: Reframing Study Tours of Urban Schools, Veronica Holly, Phillip A. Smith, Sir Alasdair MacDonald, and Andrew Millin. Alternative Teacher Certification: A Case Study on Perceptions of Preparedness to Teach Diverse Populations, YaSheka Adams and Petra A. Robinson. White Teacher Racism: Its Effects on African Caribbean Male Students in English Secondary Schools, Dennis G. Francis. Urban Islands: How Social Capital Saves Lives, Derrick Robinson. SECTION III: INTERVENTIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT AND CAREER READINESS. Experience is a Good Teacher: Using Narratives as an Employment Intervention, Porscha Jackson. Building and Measuring Youth Career Readiness in Disadvantaged Communities, Tracey Rizzuto, Anne Sang, and Carly Penn. SECTION IV: CRITICAL SOLUTIONS AND CHARTING A WAY FORWARD. Critical Solutions and Charting a Way Forward, Paula Barbel. Urban Youth/International Scholars: Critical Solutions in Support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Ayana Allen-Handy, Shawnna Thomas-EL, Tahmidul Bhuiyan, Xavier Carroll, Eva Karlen, Isabel Medlock, and Imani Weeks. About the Authors.