Global Perspectives on Technological Innovation ~ VOL. 1

Edited by:
Bing Ran, Penn State Harrisburg

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy. Editor(s): Bing Ran, Penn State Harrisburg.

Published 2013

Managing technological innovations and related policy and strategy issues have been a central focus of the new millennium. This book series presents an interdisciplinary scholarship and dialogue on the management of innovation and technological change in a global context from a variety of perspectives, including strategic, managerial, behavioral, and policy issues. Papers selected in this volume have four prominent themes: the wide spread interests and the global application of the technological innovation; the practicality of the research on technological innovation implementation to foster success and financial growth; the socio-technical challenges behind innovation and creativity that might outweigh the benefits; and the new principles/practices/perspectives on our understanding of the technological innovation. Contributed by prominent scholars and practitioners from around the world in innovation, management and policy area, this book will become a very useful read for anyone who is interested in learning the most contemporary perspectives on the subject.

Preface. Comparing Pre- and Post-Internet Technologies for the Management of the Supply Chain: A Technology Acceptance Model View, Damien Power. Technological Innovation in Organizational Networks: Designing and Implementing a Multipublisher E-Book Program in a Public University, Carolyn W. Green and Tracy A. Hurley. How Do New Innovation Paradigms Challenge Current Innovation Policy Perspectives? Mette P. Knudsen, Stoyan Tanev, Tanja Bisgaard, and Merethe S. Thomsen. The Acceptance and Extent of Use of Information Technology From the Greek Tourist Offices, Nikolaos Pappas. Overcoming Innovation Barriers: Alliance Portfolio Characteristics and Technological Innovations, Manish K. Srivastava, Olga Bruyaka, and Devi R. Gnyawali. Technology Versus Work Versus Life, Lucy R. Ford and Gayle Porter. Towards a New Conceptualization of Technology Transfer Management, Kheng Boon Quek and Yue Wang. Uncovering the High End Disruption Mechanism: When the Traditional Start Up Wins, Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere. Cheap Solutions: Managing a Coproducing Crowd of Strangers to Solve Your Problems, Brendan M. Richard. Liminality and the Ethical Challenges Presented by Innovative Medical Procedures, Nanette Clinch and Asbjorn Osland. Patent Wars: Staying Ahead of the Curve, Avimanyu Datta and Len Jessup. What Really Impacts Local Business Climate: Evidence of the Need for Entrepreneurship-Friendly Policy and Entrepreneurial Role Models, Eric W. Liguori, Joshua Maurer, Josh Bendickson, and K. Mark Weaver. Technology and its Impact on Higher Education, Christina Partin and Kathleen P. King. Business Models and Innovation Activities Within New Industries: The Case of Medical Biotechnology, Terje Grønning. Managing Innovation in Software Engineering in Japan, Yasuo Kadono. About the Contributors.