Growing Up Between Two Cultures

Issues and problems of Muslim children

Edited by:
Farideh Salili, The University of Hong Kong
Rumjahn Hoosain, The University of Hong Kong

A volume in the series: Research in Multicultural Education and International Perspectives. Editor(s): Fred Dervin, University of Helsinki, Finland. Zehavit Gross, Bar Ilan University.

Published 2014

This volume deals with social, emotional and educational issues of Muslim children growing up in a Western country. It aims at shedding light on factors that contribute to the successful adjustment of these immigrant children and ways of helping them to adjust to the new life in their new country.

Preface. PART I: INTRODUCTION. Growing up Between Two Cultures: Issues and Problems of Muslim Children, Farideh Salili and Rumjahn Hoosain. PART II: DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS AND ACCULTURATION ISSUES. Raising Children and Teens of Middle Eastern Born Parents in United States: Transformative Perspective of Intercultural Competency, Kathleen P. King, Heba Abuzayyad-Nuseibeh, and Hasan Nuseibeh. Extent of Acculturation Experiences Among High School Muslim Students in the United States, Shifa Podikunju-Hussain. Understanding the Cultural Capital of Learners of Muslim Descent, Myra Daniel. PART III: ISSUES RELATED TO THE IDENTITY FORMATION OF THE MUSLIM CHILDREN. American Muslim Identity: Negotiating the Ummah and the American Public School System, Lesliee Antonette and Lara Taboun. The Personal Aspirations and Cherished Ideals of Muslim Adolescents Living in Norway and Singapore, Deborah A. Stiles and Osman Ozturgut. Trying to Fit In: Ismaili Youth Identity in Post-9/11 Canada, Hafiz Printer. PART IV: THE ROLE OF GENDER IN ACCULTURATION AND IDENTITY FORMATION. Discourse on Equity and Social Justice in a Muslim High School in Israel: A Case Study, Khalid Arar. Gender, Islam, and Refugee Status: Possibilities for Negotiating Hybrid Identities and Contesting Boundaries in Digital Spaces, Delila Omerbasic. Stepping in and out of Worlds: Bosnian Muslim Girls’ Narratives About Cultural, and Religious Identity Construction, Lisa Hoffman. PART V: EXPERIENCES OF MUSLIM YOUTHS GROWING UP IN A NON-MUSLIM COUNTRY. The Strengths and Skills of Children: Self-Discriptions of Somali and Local Australian Children, Agnes E. Dodds, Nadia Albert, and Jeanette A. Lawrence. Religiosity and Happiness of American-Muslim Youths: An Empirical Study of Faith Maturity and Subjective Well-Being, Chang-Ho Ji. “That’s Not What I Want for My Children”: Islamic Schools as a Parental Response to Childhood Experiences of Mainstream British Schooling, Farah Ahmed. Author Index. Subject Index. About the Authors.