Gumbo for the Soul II

More Liberating Memoirs and Stories to Inspire Females of Color

Edited by:
Donna Y. Ford Ph.D., Ohio State University
Michelle Trotman Scott, University of West Georgia
Nicole McZeal Walters, University of St. Thomas-Houston
Dr. Jemimah L. Young, University of North Texas

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Multicultural Gifted Education. Editor(s): Donna Y. Ford, Ohio State University. Malik S. Henfield, Loyola University Chicago.

Seeking inspirational stories from females of color who have overcome odds/obstacles such as peer pressures, poverty, low teacher expectations, teen pregnancy, early high school dropout, drug use, homelessness, family challenges, sexual orientation, etc. FOCUS ON 1-2 CHALLENGES; conclude chapter with 2-3 messages of wisdom! Author must be 24+ in age. Chapter must be maximum of 1500-1750 words! Read the original Gumbo for the Soul for format and voice.

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Submit chapter by Aug. 1, 2017 on Google Docs

Aug. 1 - Initial manuscript due
Oct. 1 - Notification/feedback to author
Nov. 1 - Revisions back to author
Dec. 1 - Final manuscript to editors
Jan. 1 - Submit to IAP