Handbook on Family and Community Engagement

Edited by:
Sam Redding, Academic Development Institute
Marilyn Murphy, Temple University
Pam Sheley, Academic Development Institute

A volume in the series: Opportunity and Performance. Editor(s): Pam Sheley, Academic Development Institute. Sam Redding, Academic Development Institute.

Published 2011

Thirty-six of the best thinkers on family and community engagement were assembled to produce this Handbook, and they come to the task with varied backgrounds and lines of endeavor. Each could write volumes on the topics they address in the Handbook, and quite a few have. The authors tell us what they know in plain language, succinctly presented in short chapters with practical suggestions for states, districts, and schools. The vignettes in the Handbook give us vivid pictures of the real life of parents, teachers, and kids. In all, their portrayal is one of optimism and celebration of the goodness that encompasses the diversity of families, schools, and communities across our nation.

Foreword, Sam Redding. Introduction, Helen Westmoreland. PART I: FRAMING THE DISCUSSION. New Directions for Title I Family Engagement: Lessons From the Past, Oliver C. Moles, Jr. & Arnold F. Fege. The School Community: Working Together for Student Success, Sam Redding. Making Data Matter in Family Engagement, Heather Weiss & M. Elena Lopez. Engaging Families and Communities in School Turnarounds: When Students Can’t Wait, Lauren Morando Rhim. Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning: Complementary Goals for School–Family Partnerships, Amy Mart, Linda Dusenbury, & Roger P. Weissberg. Engaging the Entire Community: The Community Schools’ Way, Marty Blank. PART II: FAMILIES AND LEARNING. Aspiration and Expectations: Providing Pathways to Tomorrow, William Jeynes. Vignette: Jessica, William Jeynes. Self-Efficacy: Up to the Challenge, Kathleen Hoover-Dempsey. Curriculum of the Home, Herbert J. Walberg. Vignette: Annabelle—Marilyn Murphy. Homework and Study Habits, Lee Shumow. Vignette: Tyler, Lee Shumow. Engaging Families in Reading, Holly Kreider. Vignette: Xiomara, Georganne Morin & Holly Kreider. Reading and Literacy, Diana Hiatt-Michael. Vignette: Alicia and Dan, Diana Hiatt-Michael. College and Career Readiness, Mary R. Waters & John Mark Williams. PART III: FAMILIES AND SCHOOLS. A Framework for Partnerships, Steven B. Sheldon. Parent Leadership, Anne T. Henderson & Sam Redding. Maximum Homework Impact: Optimizing Time, Purpose, Communication, and Collaboration, Frances Van Voorhis. Differentiating Family Supports, Patricia Edwards. Vignette: Angela—Patricia Edwards. Bridging Language and Culture, Patricia Gándara. Minority Families and Schooling, Susan J. Paik. Association of Poverty With Family Relations and Children’s and Adolescents’ Socioemotional Adjustment, Ronald Taylor. Vignette: Billy—Sam Redding. Families of Children With Disabilities: Building School–Family Partnerships, Eva Patrikakou. Vignette: Tony, Lori G. Thomas. Linking Schools to Early Childhood, Kate McGilly. Family Engagement in High Schools, Mavis Sanders. Family and Community Engagement in Charter Schools, Brian R. Beabout & Lindsey B. Jakiel. Family Engagement in Rural Schools, Amanda L. Witte & Susan M. Sheridan. Bridging Two Worlds for Native American Families, Pamela Sheley. Vignette: Marie, Pamela Sheley. PART IV: SUGGESTED PRACTICES. Checklist of Suggested Practices, Sam Redding. About the Authors.