Handbook on Statewide Systems of Support

Edited by:
Sam Redding, Academic Development Institute
Herbert J. Walberg, University of Illinois - Chicago

A volume in the series: Opportunity and Performance. Editor(s): Pam Sheley, Academic Development Institute. Sam Redding, Academic Development Institute.

Published 2008

(published in co-operation with The Center on Innovation & Improvement)

As subsequent chapters point out, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires states to provide assistance to districts in improving the schools within their purview. Of course, the U.S. Constitution and federal laws leave the control of education largely to the states, and states have long provided support to school districts. In return for federal monies, however, NCLB requires states to provide such help under the statewide systems of support (SSOS) provision of the Act.

The purposes of this Handbook are to survey the research related to statewide systems of support, to present the experience and insights of educational leaders in how such support can best be conducted, and to derive actionable principles for improving schools. It is intended for use not only by the staff of the U.S. Department of Education-sponsored Regional Centers that serve state department staff but also by the staff of school districts and schools.

Also sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, the Center on Innovation & Improvement (CII) previously developed the Handbook on Restructuring and Substantial School Improvement (Walberg, 2007) that became the basis of CII’s technical assistance to Regional Centers on this topic. CII made available for downloading Power Point presentations and web-based seminars (“webinars”) based on the previous Handbook. CII’s intended audiences widely employed the previous Handbook on Restructuring and Substantial School Improvement and auxiliary materials and found them useful in their technical assistance efforts to disseminate and encourage evidence-based ideas for restructuring and improving schools. With advice from the U.S. Department of Education, scholarly experts, and experienced educators in the Regional Centers, state departments of education, and school districts, the CII staff concluded that what it envisioned as the present Handbook would be similarly useful.

Part A: Introduction and Commentary. Introduction and Overview, Herbert J. Walberg. Policy to Reinforce Changing State Role, Brett Lane. A Mountain Beyond Mountains, Paul Reville. Part B: Evidence, Framework, and Evolution. State Role in Supporting School Improvement, Lauren Morando Rhim, Bryan Hassel, and Sam Redding. An Evolution in American Education, Sam Redding. Part C: Profiles of Key States. Introduction to Profiles of Key States, Sam Redding. The Accountability Roundtable in Alabama, Thomas Kerins, Susan Hanes, and Carole Perlman. Performance Contracting in Washington, Thomas Kerins, Susan Hanes, and Carole Perlman. Exemplary Educators in Tennessee, Thomas Kerins, Susan Hanes, and Carole Perlman. Highly Skilled Educators and Scholastic Reviews in Kentucky, Thomas Kerins, Susan Hanes, and Carole Perlman. Part D: The Role of Comprehensive Centers. CII and the Comprehensive Centers’ Work with the States, Marilyn Murphy. Appraising Instructional Practices in West Virginia, Caitlin Howley. From Compliance to Assistance: Building Statewide Systems of Support, Barbara Youngren, Jayne Sowers, Gary Appel, and Mark Mitchell. Creating a Vision in New Jersey, Marilyn Muirhead and Ryan Tyler. Telling the Story of Improvement in Missouri, Belinda Biscoe, Stan Johnson, Donna Richardson, Ellen Balkenbush, and Patricia Fleming. Working Sma-tah, Not Ha-dah in New Hampshire, Adam E. Tanney. Building Relationships in Texas, K. Victoria Dimock. "Montana-cizing" a Scholastic Review, Jennifer Stepanek. Building SEA Capacity in Utah, Libby Rognier and Mary Peterson. Part E: Tools to Strengthen the StatewIde System of Support. Tools to Strengthen the Statewide System of Support. The Allegory of the Garden: Incentives • Capacity • Opportunities. Synopsis of the Framework for an Effective Statewide System of Support. Functions of the State Education Agency. Key Documents in a Statewide System of Support. Taking Stock. Summary Appraisal to Inform Plan to Strengthen the Statewide System of Support. Preparing the Plan to Strengthen the Statewide System of Support. Table of Contents for the Plan to Strengthen the Statewide System of Support.