Home Schooling In Full View

A Reader

Bruce S. Cooper, Fordham University

Published 2006

This book is a reader that describes, discusses and analyzes homeschooling from an array of different and international perspectives. We portray the energy of this movement, looking at the history of “education writ large” in a larger social, political and religious context. Like most movements in education, this one is both a reaction to the problems and inadequacies of existing schools, and a new direction in schooling that stands on its own. This book grew out of the efforts of Associates for Research on Private Education (ARPE), an international organization of scholars and practitioners affiliated with the American Education Research Association (AERA), which has spurred interest and research on private schools for over 30 years. ARPE publishes quarterly, the Private School MONITOR, as a means for highlighting the newest developments in the field of private education.

Introduction to Homeschooling, Bruce S. Cooper. A Homeschool Research Story, Brian D. Ray. Homeschooling and the Common School Nightmare, Donald A. Erickson. Homeschooling: Worldwide and Compulsory State Education, Charles D. Glenn. Homeschooling for Liberty, Tom Smedley. Away with All Teachers: The Cultural Politics of Home Schooling, Michael W. Apple. Through the Lens of Homeschooling: A Response to Michael Apple and Rob Reich, Nicky Hardenbergh. Why Home Schooling Should Be Regulated, Rob Reich. Behind the Trend: Increases in Homeschooling among African-American Families, Venus L. Taylor. Legalizing Home Schooling in the US: Family, Community and the Law, Scott L. Somerville. The Effectiveness of Homeschooling Students with Special Needs, Steven L. Duvall. Home Schoolers – How Well Do They Perform on the SAT for College Admissions? Clive R. Belfield. Homeschooled Students and the Ivy League: Gaining Admissions to Highly Selective Universities in the U.S., Joy Marean, Marc Ott and Matthew J. Rush. Homeschooling: A British Perspective, Sean Gabb. Homeschooling: The Case against Compulsory School Attendance Laws, Tom Burkard and Dennis O’Keeffe. Index.