Homeschooling in New View

Edited by:
Bruce S. Cooper, Fordham University
Frances R. Spielhagen, Mount Saint Mary College
Carlo Ricci, Nipissing University

Published 2016

Home schooling is an important and growing American phenomenon with only our first edition in the field. This new 2nd edition will appeal to the home school world, people interested in American education, and the private school community. Changes in the educational environment in the US over the last ten years have prompted growing numbers of parents to withdraw their children from public education. Currently, four percent of school-age children in the United States are home schooled. An array of educational researchers present various legal, philosophical, and personal perspectives to this new volume. Changes in schooling and home schooling in Great Britain bring an interesting international perspective to this collection of research-based information.

Preface: Setting the Stage, Bruce S. Cooper. I. Setting the Context. Chapter 1: Introduction to Recent Changes in U.S.A. Home schooling, Brian D. Ray. Chapter 2: The Legal Rights for Home School Families, Charles J. Russo. II. Understanding a Range of Perspectives. Chapter 3: Away with All Teachers: The Cultural Politics of Home schooling, Michael W. Apple. Chapter 4: Robbing the Cradle: State Power vs. Parental Rights in Human Rights, Michael P. Donnelly. Chapter 5: A Growing Trend: The Cases of Home schooling in North Carolina & Ohio, Lance Fusarelli, Andrew Saultz, & Andrew McEachin. Chapter 6: Are Homeschools Adequate Environments for Students with Learning Disabilities? Steven F. Duvall. Chapter 7: Socialization of Home School Children: A Communications Approach, Thomas C. Smedley. Chapter 8: The Willed Curriculum: A Self-Determined Approach to Learning at Home, Carlo Ricci. Chapter 9: Why Home Schooling Should be Regulated, Rob Reich. Chapter 10: Home schooling in Hindsight: A Parent’s Reflection, Venus Taylor. Chapter 11: Through the Lens of Home schooling, Nicky Hardenburgh. III. International Perspectives. Chapter 12: Can Families Be Trusted? An international perspective, Charles L. Glenn. Chapter 13: Home Schooling: A British Perspective, Sean Gabb. Chapter 14: Home schooling Regulation vis-a-vis Democratic Demands of Pluralism, Integration and Freedom in Spain, Ana Llano Torres. Afterword: Back to the Future? Home Schooling and the Evolution of Education, Frances R. Spielhagen.