Human Resource Management in Mexico - 2nd Edition

Perspectives for Scholars and Practitioners

Edited by:
Pramila Rao, Marymount University

A volume in the series: International Human Resource Management. Editor(s): Pramila Rao, Marymount University.

Published 2015

The main objective of this book is to provide students, scholars, and practitioners a detailed background on the human resource management (HRM) practices in Mexico. This book provides ten distinguishing chapters that focuses on the core functions of HRM in Mexico. The book took almost a year (Oct 2013 to Aug 2014) to complete. Scholarly and institutional databases were diligently searched for relevant articles for each chapter. This book has 27 tables that provide important information on key current concepts. There are two appendices providing valuable information on Mexican staffing practices. This edition has a new chapter that has live interviews with four professionals who have relevant experience in Mexico.

There is paucity in obtaining consolidated information on Mexican HRM practices. This book addresses this dearth in the international management literature by providing individual chapters on the different HRM practices adopted in Mexico. This book will be beneficial for practitioners also as each chapter provides an implication section for business leaders.

Preface. Foreword. Dedication. 1. An Overview of Mexico. 2. Employment Laws. 3. National Cultural Dimensions. 4. Women and Work in Mexico. 5. Recruitment and Selection. 6. Training and Development Practices. 7. Performance Management. 8. Compensation and Benefits. 9. E-HRM (Electronic Human Resource Management) 10. A Leader In Latin America. 11. Meet the Person Perspectives. References. About the Author.