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Clinical Simulations for Teacher Development

Benjamin H. Dotger, Syracuse University’s School of Education

Published 2013

Clinical simulations provide teachers with opportunities to enact professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Building on medical education’s long-standing use of standardized patients, this book infuses standardized individuals and clinical simulations into teacher education. As participating teachers engage with standardized parents, students, paraprofessionals, and community members, they encounter a variety of situations common to K-12 teaching. This book provides teacher educators and professional development facilitators with the background knowledge, training procedures for standardized individuals, logistical steps, and all documents necessary for successful implementation of twelve different clinical simulations.

This book is constructed for teacher educators and school district personnel who intend to facilitate clinical simulations for teachers. Teachers serving as participants in the clinical simulations should consult the separate text: Clinical Simulations for Teacher Development: A Companion Manual for Teachers.”

Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction to Clinical Simulations. 2. From Medical Education to Teacher Education. 3. Training Standardized Individuals for Clinical Simulations. 4. Implementing Simulations Within a Teacher Education Program. 5. Logistics. 6. Debriefing From and Reflecting on Clinical Simulations. 7. How to Utilize the Following Pages. About the Author.