Imagining Education

Beyond the Logic Of Global Neoliberal Capitalism

Edited by:
Arturo Rodriguez, Boise State University
Kevin R. Magill, The University of Texas at Austin

A volume in the series: Critical Constructions: Studies on Education and Society. Editor(s): Brad J. Porfilio, California State University, Stanislaus. Marc Pruyn, Monash University. Derek R. Ford, DePauw University.

Published 2017

Given the current social climate this book interrogates capitalism’s relationships to and influence on education. More importantly, this book is part of a greater effort to re‐humanize society by generating dialogue, encouraging solidarity and providing analyses of power and avenues for agency in supporting a life beyond the logic of the state and its implied structure, global neoliberal capitalism. The authors speak to the conceptual and material manifestations of neoliberalism that order education.

Imagining education is an informed public working against what is understood as self‐interest, a reconsideration of a world beyond ideology; popular education aiding social transformation for community, a move away from divisiveness and social struggle. We do not offer easy answers to the problems of global neoliberal capitalism in education, instead the authors in this book offer frameworks for contextualizing neoliberalism, its history, and what education might be on the day after the end of capitalism. This is the rupture of the rationality of global neoliberal capitalism where we examine the potentialities of a world beyond the capitalist organization of consciousness.

Dedication. Acknowledgments. Foreword. Reconciling Critical Pedagogy: Revolution, the Struggle for a New Future, Peter L. McLaren. Introduction: The Classroom: An Uncontested Public Space, Arturo Rodriguez and Kevin Russel Magill. Beyond a Value Based Education, Arturo Rodriguez and Kevin Russel Magill. Neoliberalism and the Contradictions of Freedom: Ideology, Subjectivity, and Critical Pedagogy, Noah De Lissovoy. Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy: The Death Knell of Global Neoliberal Capitalism, Peter L. McLaren. Turning Neoliberalism on its Head: A Historical and Pedagogical Analysis, Angelo Letizia. Women of Color as Revolutionary Force: Structural Violence in the Neoliberal Age, Lilia D. Monzó. Decolonization as Utopia and the Potentiality of Ethnic Studies: Beyond Neoliberalism and the Settler State, Michael Singh. The Ties that Bind: Neoliberalism, the Citizen and Education, Arturo Rodriguez and Kevin Russel Magill. Communist Party Pedagogy, Social Movements, and Right‐to‐Work, Curry Malott. We Have Already Been Post‐Capitalist: Notes for a Magical Marxist Pedagogy, Derek R. Ford. Capitalist Education: Neoliberal Pedagogies of Debt, Sheila L. Macrine. Afterward: The Death of Higher Education as a Democratic Public Sphere, Henry A. Giroux. Biographies.