Improving Educational Productivity

Edited by:
David H. Monk, Penn State University
Kenneth K. Wong, Brown University
Margaret C. Wang, Temple University

A volume in the series: Research in Educational Productivity. Editor(s): Susan J. Paik, Claremont Graduate University.

Published 2001

(Published in Cooperation with the Laboratory for Student Success, Temple University)

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview, David H. Monk, Margaret C. Wang, and Herbert J. Walberg. Chapter 2: Tax Revolts and School Performance, Thomas Downes, and David Figlio. Chapter 3: State Aid and Education Outcomes, Sheila E. Murray. Chapter 4: The Interface Between Public and Private Schooling: Market Pressure and the Impact on Performance, Dan Goldhaber. Chapter 5: The Economics of Grade Retention, Eric R. Eide. Chapter 6: Teacher Quality: Its Enhancement and Potential for Improving Pupil Achievement, Susanna Loeb. Chapter 7: Measuring School Efficiency: Lessons from Economics, Implications for Practice, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Leanna Stiefel. Chapter 8: Examining School-Level Expenditures and School Performance: The Case of New York City, Ross Rubenstein and Patrice Iatarola. Chapter 9: The Relationship Between Student Performance and School Expenditures: A Review of the Literature and New Evidence Using Better Data, Corrine H. Taylor. Chapter 10: What Happens to Performance Inequality Among Students When Average Test Scores Rise? Samid Hussain. Chapter 11: Problems in the Estimation of School Effects: Insights from Improved Models, Jens Ludwig. Chapter 12: Conclusions and Recommendations, Herbert J. Walberg and David H. Monk.