Improving Student Achievement

Reforms that Work

Edited by:
Lewis C. Solmon, The Milken Family Foundation
Kimberly Firetag Agam, The Milken Family Foundation
Tamara W. Schiff, The Milken Family Foundation

A volume in the series: The Milken Family Foundation Series on Education Policy. Editor(s): Lewis C. Solmon, The Milken Family Foundation.

Published 2006

Improving Student Achievement: Reforms that Work expands on the first volume in the Milken Family Foundation series on education policy, Talented Teachers: The Essential Force for Improving Student Achievement. The series explains to policymakers, parents, business leaders, and teachers the importance of teacher quality in increasing student achievement. This volume is based primarily on the proceedings from the 2004 Milken National Education Conference (NEC), which was held in Washington, D.C., in May 2004.

Acknowledgments. Introduction. Lewis C. Solmon, Kimberly Firetag Agam, and Tamara W. Schiff. PART I: IMPROVING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT. Improving Student Achievement: Reforms that Work. Lowell Milken, Congressman John A. Boehner, Frank T. Brogan, Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous, Eugene W. Hickok, Senator Mary L. Landrieu, and Ted Sanders. Panel Contributions. A Smart Start Strategy for School Reform. Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous. PART II: STATE CHALLENGES. Critical Challenges Facing State Leaders. Governor Mark Warner and Governor Tim Pawlenty. PART III: TEACHER QUALITY. How States are Addressing Teacher Quality Issues. Cheryl Fagnano, Jim Horne, Lisa Graham Keegan, Ray Simon, and Janice Poda. PART IV: WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE A PERFORMANCE PAY PLAN WORK. What it Takes to Make a Performance Pay Plan Work, Lewis C. Solmon, Frederick M. Hess, Brad Jupp, Alan Krueger, and John Schacter. Panel Contributions. Recognizing Differences. Lewis C. Solmon. The Uniform Salary Schedule. Brad Jupp. Teacher Quality, Teacher Pay. Frederick M. Hess. PART V: NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. No Child Left Behind. Lewis C. Solmon, Richard Ingersoll, Ken James, Jay Mathews, Nina S. Rees, and Susan Tave Zelman. Panel Contributions. The Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) and No Child Left Behind. Lewis C. Solmon. Deprofessionalizing the Teaching Profession: The Problem of Out-of-Field Teaching. Richard Ingersoll. How No Child Left Behind Helps Principals. Jay Mathews. First Steps Toward Standards-Based Education in Ohio. Susan Tave Zelman. PART VI: WHAT WILL MY UNION SAY. What Will My Union Say? Joan Baratz-Snowden. PART VII: EVALUATING REFORM. Planning and Evaluation of Educational Evaluations. Herbert J. Walberg. Conference Presenters Bios.