In the Beginning

Biblical Sparks for a Child’s Week

Vered Hankin, Northwestern University
Kalman J. Kaplan, University of Illinois at Chicago
Amiram Raviv, Tel Aviv University

A volume in the series: The University of Miami School of Education and Human Development Series. Editor(s): Marie Guerda Nicolas, University of Miami.

Published 2014

For religious and non-religious alike, the Bible constitutes an important source of cultural heritage, fundamental values, and basic codes of social conduct. This book presents seven Biblical stories ordered to the days of Creation and adapted for children in pre K-5th grades. Day 1: David and Goliath; Day 2: The Tower of Babel; Day 3 Noah and the Flood; Day 4: Abraham Breaking the Idols; Day 5: Jonah and the Big Fish; Day 6: Adam Names the Animals; and Day 7 (The Sabbath): Elijah Rests. Commentaries, questions and activities follow each story and can be used by grandparents, parents and educators to discuss real-life issues with children and foster social skills and values.

"An engaging retelling of well-known Biblical stories matched with well-grounded psychological insights makes “In the Beginning” a valuable resource for children and adults who care for them." Rev. Talitha Arnold Senior Minister, The United Church of Santa Fe

"This remarkable book brings the bible and storytelling together in ways that will deeply enrich and enthrall children and the adults reading with them." Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University

"This book makes you want to be a child again." Woodrow Kroll Founder and Past President,Back to the Bible International

"Helps teachers, parents, and counselors teach children important life lessons augmenting their emotional as well as cognitive intelligence." Dr. Jerry M. Kutnick Gratz College, Philadelphia

"This collection makes use of Biblical stories and wisdom, linking them to the emerging field of positive psychology, retelling them in a child-friendly way." Nathan A. Fox The University of Maryland