(In)Security, Intersectionality, and (In)visibility

Personal Essays by Asian/American Queers/Men [CALL FOR CHAPTERS]

Edited by:
Hidehiro Endo, Akita International University
Paul Chamness Iida
Nicholas D. Hartlep, Berea College

A volume in the series: Research in Queer Studies. Editor(s): Hidehiro Endo, Akita International University.

Asian/Americans are as diverse in their life experiences and backgrounds as anyone else, yet there is a tendency to lump everyone into a single category. The goal of this book is to highlight the many unique experiences of queer Asian/Americans, how they make meaning of these experiences, and how these experiences influence their lives. This book will include the diverse voices of individuals who identify as being Asian as well as Asian American. We use Palumbo-Liu’s (1999) conceptualization of “Asian/American” where the backslash, instead of a hyphen, refers to individuals whose identity may include that of an Asian heritage, Asian national, Asian American, and/or any other mix of identity that connects the individual to Asia. We further use the term queer in an effort to be as inclusive as possible in terms of how one identifies oneself, recognizing that identity does not fit within the gay/straight or male/female binaries that society would have us believe. We use the term queer to include, only as examples: gay, bisexual, transgender (FTM, MTF, or other), gender non-conforming, gendercreative, among others. We therefore invite any queer Asian who is/was biologically male, or anyone who currently identifies as male (regardless of biological sex) to contribute to this exciting and groundbreaking volume. In order to achieve these goals, this book offers a collection of essays written by Asian/American queers/men, co-edited by 3 scholars who are interested in the lives and experiences of this particular population.

This book will be a volume in the Research in Queer Studies series published by Information Age Press.

Guidelines for Authors:
• 2000-3000 words
• Written in English (American Standard English is preferable)
• Double-spaced, 1” margins
• References should be kept to a minimum, but if necessary, use APA 6th edition
• Use the questions below as a guide to help you find a topic. These questions are only a guide, not an exhaustive or exclusive list.
• Submit your manuscript in MS Word to,, and by April 1st, 2017.

Guiding Questions to Consider:
1. How did being queer impact your school experiences?
2. Has being queer caused you to have any identity issues? If so, in what ways?
3. How have your family/community relationships been impacted by being queer?
4. Are you secure or insecure in your sexuality/gender identity? Explain.
5. Are you “out”? If so, to whom? (e.g., everyone, only close friends, not at work, etc.). Why?
6. How has your sexual and/or gender identity influenced your life (positively and/or negatively)?
7. If you’re an immigrant, did your decision to relocate to the U.S. relate to your sexual/gender identity?
8. Do you find the queer community accepting of you? What about queer Asians in general? Explain.
9. What is the dating scene like for you? Do you think your race has anything to do with this experience?

Timeline for Project:
• April 1, 2017 -- First Draft of Chapters Due
• May 31, 2017 -- Editors Send Feedback for revisions
• August 1, 2017 -- Final manuscripts returned to editors
• September 30, 2017 -- Manuscript sent to publisher
• December, 2017 -- Book in print