Independent Movement and Travel in Blind Children

A Promotion Model

Edited by:
Joseph Cutter

A volume in the series: Critical Concerns in Blindness. Editor(s): Edward C. Bell, Louisiana Tech University.

Published 2007

The purpose of this book is to contribute to our understanding of Developmental O and M, independent movement and travel in blind children. Unlike many books and articles on orientation and mobility (O&M) for blind children, this one is not about the effect of blindness on movement. Such an inquiry is self-defeating from the start, as it often begins with misconceptions and deficit-thinking about blindness and the blind child’s early motor development. Instead, this book is about the effect of movement on development and the importance of movement experiences for the development of independent movement and travel in blind children. It has a clear premise: blind children must become "active movers" if they are to become independent "travelers."

Preface. Acknowledments. Introduction. 1. The Promotional Model. 2. Developmental Progressions in the Child. 3. Early Intervention, Not Early Interference. 4. Cane Travel for the Blind Child—From the Bottom Up. 5. Independent Movement and Travel: A Pictorial Guide. 6. Independent Movement and Travel for a New Millennium. Resouces. About the Author. Index

"The book is well-organized, with clear headings and subheadings that make it easy to read and to reference. O&M professionals and students along with those involved in early intervention programs will find that the Promotion Model provides concrete ways to encourage blind children to move beyond what many sighted people consider boundaries and into independence." Shannon Alpert in Education Review (Read full review)