Instructional Design

Systems Strategies

Bruce R. Ledford, Auburn University
Phillip J. Sleeman, University of Connecticut

Published 2002

At the time of this writing the authors of Instructional Design: System Strategies have a combined experience of more than 75 years in the field of instructional technology in its various guises including Educational Media, Instructional Media, Educational Media and Technology, Instructional Media and Technology, Instructional Communication, and Audiovisual. This experience includes colleges and universities, the military as instructors and as consultants; public education as classroom teachers, consultants, and conductors of workshops and seminars; with business and industry as corporate trainers and trainers of trainers.

Combined, they have published over 350 articles and research documents in professional referred journals, authored or co-authored, or made significant contributions to 35 books. Together, they have taught courses in instructional design/technology at the following universities in the United States: Auburn University, Boston University, Harvard University, University of Alabama, University of Arizona, University of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts and have conducted workships, courses and seminars in Barbados, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, England, Scotland, Italy, France, Germany, Puerto Rico, St. Vincents,and Switzerland. Additionally, they have produced and directed educational television programs, films, filmstrip series, transparency series, curriculum units, and computer software for both the world wide web and stand-alone software, radio for national distribution, and have founded and edited three international journals for national and international distribution. Dr. Sleeman is the founding editor of The International Journal of Instructional Media presently in its 32nd year of publication of wich Dr. Ledford is Associate Editor.