Instructional Technology

The Definition and Domains of the Field

Barbara B. Seels, University of Pittsburgh
Rita C. Richey, Wayne State University

Published 2012

The Association officially endorses this definition of Instructional Technology which has been developed over three years by the Committee on Definition and Terminology. The Association recognizes that other theoretical frameworks exist and that these are valid, but believes that these are part of the more inclusive theoretical framework of Instructional Technology used in this definition. In making this definition and the document explaining it available, we hope to help other organizations clarify their relationship to the broad field of Instructional Technology. Although the Association offers this definition as its current position, it is committed to a continuous reevaluation of the definition and to revising and publishing it so that it reflects changing concepts and terminology.

A document of this magnitude can only be produced as the result of the dedication and effort of the persons who formed the committee and of its chairperson, Barbara Seels and her collaborator, Rita C. Richey. Without their energies, skill, perseverance, and willingness to risk stating their perceptions in this format we could not have offered this document. Whether or not we agree with the statements presented here, they will provide a benchmark and a point of dialogue for further development of a profession which seeks to provide conditions for effective learning.

Acknowledgments. Preface. Foreword. Chapter 1: The 1994 Definition of the Field. Chapter 2: The Domains of the Field. Chapter 3: The Sources of Influence on Instructional Technology. Chapter 4: The Practice of Instructional Technology. Chapter 5: Implications of the Definition of Instructional Technology. Glossary of Terms. Appendices. References. Author Index. Subject Index.