International Perspectives on Mathematics Outreach

Edited by:
Mary Ann Huntley, Cornell University
Christine Suurtamm, University of Ottawa
Denisse R Thompson, University of South Florida

A volume in the series: Research in Mathematics Education. Editor(s): Denisse R Thompson, University of South Florida. Mary Ann Huntley, Cornell University. Christine Suurtamm, University of Ottawa.

Call for Chapters

Mathematics outreach involves people sharing their passion for and knowledge of mathematics with others in formal and informal settings with the goal of broadening access to and engagement in math learning experiences. Mathematics outreach activities are hosted, for instance, by people who work at museums, zoos, and universities; employees of businesses that have a stake in educating the next generation of workers; K-12 school district personnel in partnership with parents, teachers, and university faculty; and non-profit organizations. Mathematics outreach serves a variety of audiences and encompasses a broad range of activities, including those shown below.

K-12 Teachers
- Math circles for teachers
- Collaborations between mathematicians and mathematics educators (e.g., Park City Mathematics Institutes)

K-12 Students
- Volunteer tutoring
- Math clubs and circles
- Advanced math classes at schools, camps, and other settings
- Coaching math teams that engage in competitions (e.g., International Mathematical Olympiad, Girls’ Adventures in Math)

K-12 Students & Families
- Family math nights at schools or public libraries
- Julia Robinson Math Festivals (JRMF)
- Math walks at zoos, museums, and amusement parks

General Public
- Math Awareness Month public lectures
- Inmates Prison education programs

Innovative math outreach activities are taking place all over the world and show evidence of being successful in creating interest in mathematics and spreading awareness of its importance (Alvarez et al., 2015; Rosario, 2020). To add to the existing research base, we invite proposals for chapters for a volume that focuses on research on mathematics outreach activities. This volume is intended to be helpful to people already engaged in outreach activities and also those who are looking for ideas as they embark on planning such activities. The volume will be part of the series, Research in Mathematics Education, published by Information Age Publishing and edited by Denisse R. Thompson (University of South Florida, emerita), Mary Ann Huntley (Cornell University), and Christine Suurtamm (University of Ottawa, emerita).

To contribute to this volume, send a short summary of your chapter, including descriptive information about an outreach activity or suite of activities, together with a brief description of the research/evaluation component (methods and findings). The summary of your proposed chapter should be submitted to Mary Ann Huntley ( by December 1, 2022. Summaries and chapters will undergo peer review, with no guarantee of acceptance.

Proposed Timeline
December 1, 2022: Summary of proposed chapter (500 words) from prospective authors to editors
January 15, 2023: Feedback and decision to prospective authors from editors
June 15, 2023: First draft of chapter due from authors to editors
October 1, 2023: Feedback to authors with provisional decision and requests for revisions
December 15, 2023: Revised chapter due from authors to editors
February 28, 2024: Final feedback to authors confirming minor edits
Spring 2024: Publication