Intervention Research

From Conceptualization to Publication

Edited by:
Anthony F. Buono, Bentley University
Henri Savall, ISEOR and Jean Moulin University
Laurent Cappelletti, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

A volume in the series: Research in Management Consulting. Editor(s): David Brian Szabla, Western Michigan University.

Published 2018

This volume continues to build on the relationship between the Research in Management Consulting series and the intervener-researchers at the Socio-Economic Institute for Firms and Organizations (ISEOR) in Ecully, France, extending that partnership to our recent work with the French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE), a foundation dedicated to closing the gap between the teaching and practice of management in France. As part of the Foundation’s multifaceted activities—which range from seminars and an advanced training initiative for French doctoral students to joint programs with international organizations an associations—FNEGE partnered with ISEOR to sponsor a series of workshops on developing high quality intervention-research. This volume is one of the results from that endeavor.

Although intervention-research helps to uncover valuable insight into organizational dynamics and performance, the challenge of capturing and disseminating that insight to both academics and practitioners is entrenched in the rigor-relevance debate. While we are witnessing increased calls for “actionable knowledge,” this ideal, unfortunately, remains a rather elusive concept as critics contend either that rigorous academic research falls well-short of relevance to the practitioner world or research that proves to be valuable to practitioners falls short of the rigor expected in academic life. This volume is intended to help bridge that divide. Drawing on the FNEGE-ISEOR intervention-research workshop, the volume contains 18 chapters that explore the intervention-research process, from initial conceptualization, to implementation, to publication.

The volume is published in French and English

Introduction. PART I: FRAMING THE INTERVENTION-RESEARCH CHALLENGE. Qualimetric Intervention-Research: Integrated Epistemology and Generic Constructivism, Henri Savall. General Research-intervention Tools: The Case of Socio-Economic Research Intervention, Véronique Zardet. From Intervention-research to the Production of Knowledge: A Summary of Experimentation, Jean-Michel Plane. Tools and Devices for Intervention Research: The Case of Intervention in Human Resource Management, Florence Noguera. Negotiating and Selling an Intervention-research Project through a Structured and Rigorous Method, Laurent Cappelletti. Negotiating and Selling an Intervention research Project—Without the Support of a Well Structured Research Laboratory, Thierry Nobre. Carrying Out an Intervention-Research Project in One’s Own Organization: Challenges and Specificities, Isabelle Barth. An Example of Chapters in Books Based on Intervention Research: Research on the Theme of Functional Illiteracy and Employment, Marc Bonnet. Part II: PUBLISHING INTERVENTION RESEARCH. Conceptualizing and Publishing Organizational Intervention-Research, Anthony F. Buono. Publishing Intervention-Research Results: Understanding the Peer Reviewer Mindset, Henri Savall. From Intervention-Research to Publication: The Case of a Publication in an Academic French Journal, Véronique Zardet. Publishing an Epistemological Reflection on Ethnomethodology-based Intervention-Research Projects: The Case of a Publication in Journal of Business Ethics, Jean-Michel Plane. Publishing the Results of an Intervention-Research in the Field of Human Resources Management: The Case of a Publication in Human Resource Management, Florence Noguera. Publishing the Results of a Researchintervention: The Case of a Publication in Management Accounting Quarterly, Laurent Cappelletti. From Negotiation to Publication: The Case of an Intervention-Research Project in the Small- and Medium-Size Enterprise Sector, Thierry Nobre. Publishing Academic Papers Drawing on Intervention-research-based Doctoral Dissertations, Marc Bonnet. Publishing Intervention-research: From Academic Articles to Social Networks, Isabelle Barth. Part III: CONCLUDING REFLECTIONS ON INTERVENTION-RESEARCH. Recurrent Participant Questions: Thoughts and Recommendations, Henri Savall and Laurent Cappelletti. Glossary. About the Contributors.