Is Your Organization a Great Workplace?

Daniel M. Wentland

In this book, the chapters are designed to move us towards a complete understanding of what a great place to work is, how to develop such an organization, and how to measure whether your organization is a great place to work. The writing is concise and straightforward, and the book details how to increase the probability of organizational sustainability and how to develop a better awareness of who we are, for not every person wants to create a great place to work.

Many organizational decision makers and practitioners talk about developing a great place to work, but few actually move beyond the talk. It is very common for individuals in positions of power to make statements about how great it is to work in the organization, while the rest of the employees know the “real” work situation.

Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction. Part I: The Elements of a Great Place to Work Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts of a Great Place to Work. Chapter 2: Developing an Organizational Culture “A” Institution and Putting Employees First. Chapter 3: The Right Leadership. Chapter 4: Effective Management. Chapter 5: Completing the Leadership and Management Picture. Part II: Description and Measuring a Great Place to Work Chapter 6: What’s a Great Place to Work Look Like? Chapter 7: Does Your Organization Measure Up? Chapter 8: Decision Time. Chapter 9: Final Comment.