Large Scale Change For Non-Profits

A Playbook For Social Sector Capacity Building

Gina Hinrichs
Cheryl Richardson

A volume in the series: Contemporary Trends in Organization Development and Change. Editor(s): Peter F. Sorensen, Benedictine University. Therese F. Yaeger, Benedictine University.

Published 2015

The impetus to purchase this book is to provide social profit leaders, change agents, and new organization development (OD) practitioners who need a simple “Monday-ready” tool kit so they can help their social profit organization build capacity. A complete large scale change approach is offered.

This practitioner’s playbook contains tactics and tools that can be experimented with by the social profit improvement team. A playbook allows the team to create, explore, and master without fear while learning. What is contained in this playbook has been tested across many for-profit and non- (social) profit organizations. It is designed to be a bridge for OD theories that have informed the work to field ready tools for large scale change. This book provides both explicit and tacit knowledge. The contents in this book have been tested in social profit projects.

Preface. PART I: STRENGTH-FOCUSED CYCLES OF CAPACITY BUILDING Introduction. PART II: CYCLES OF CAPACITY BUILDING Phase 1: Visioning the Future. Section 2: Inquire. Phase 2: Designing the Future. Section 4. Phase 3: Actualizing the Future. Implement. PART III: RESOURCES Resources.