Latinas Leading Schools

Edited by:
Melissa A Martinez, Texas State University
Sylvia Méndez-Morse

A volume in the series: Hispanics in Education and Administration. Editor(s): Frank Hernandez, Southern Methodist University. Elizabeth T. Murakami, University of North Texas. Leslie Gonzales, Michigan State University.

Call for Chapters

With the rise of the Latinx student population in the U.S. and the urgency to meet the needs of this diverse community, there has been an increased concern and interest in preparing more Latinx school leaders and administrators; they are often more attuned to the cultural and linguistic backgrounds and needs of Latinx students and communities (Murakami, Hernandez, Méndez-Morse, & Byrne-Jimenez, 2015; Rodríguez, Martinez, & Valle, 2015). Yet there is limited research that examines their experiences and what can be learned from them to better inform the field of educational leadership. Latina administrators’ assets are particularly undervalued and their unique experiences, which are influenced by challenges and obstacles because of gender in combination with other markers of difference, remain under examined with no scholarly books to date focused exclusively on Latina school administrators.

We invite chapters from scholars and practitioners from across the country that examine issues pertaining to Latina school leaders and administrators (in positions from superintendent to assistant principal to central office administrators) specifically related to:

• The role of identity and/or leadership formation among Latina leaders
• The recruitment, retention and role of mentorship among and for Latina leaders
• Critical incidents and lessons from the field
• Theoretical or conceptual understandings of Latina leadership

Chapters should conclude with discussion questions or a case study to assist practitioners/scholars/leadership preparation programs in the application of the knowledge gained from the chapter.

Proposal Submission Instructions:

• 3-pg abstract, 1-pg possible discussion questions/case study, 1-pg references (APA style; 5 total pgs.)
• Include cover page with name(s), contact info, and brief bio for author(s) (no more than 100 words)
• Due to Editors by October 1, 2018 via email:

Additional Submission Information:

• We welcome creative, culturally-authentic, scholarly writing utilizing various methodologies and frameworks. The interweaving of English, Spanish, and Spanglish or metaphorical references to religious icons or imagery, as well as consejos or dichos are welcomed, if and when appropriate.
• Accepted chapters will undergo a blind review process; complete chapters will be between 5,000 to 7,500 words (excluding references)
• All submissions should be sent electronically as Microsoft Word documents (.doc/.docx)
• Inquiries can be sent to the Editors via email:

Tentative Timeline:

Call for chapters: July 2018-September 2018
Submission of 3-page abstract, with 1-page reference list and cover sheet-Oct. 1, 2018
Letters of acceptance to contributing authors- by Nov. 8, 2018
Submission of chapters to Editors-January 7, 2019
Blind peer review of chapters- Jan. 11-Feb. 11, 2019
Author revisions to chapters- March 1-April 5, 2019
Editors review revised chapters-April 6-April 30, 2019
Author final edits due- May 31, 2019

* "Latinas Leading Schools" is a tenative title. "Latinas" is inclusive of all Latina P-12 educational leaders living and practicing in the U.S.

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