Leadership for Learning

The New Challenge in Early Childhood Education and Care

Edited by:
Per Tore Granrusten, Queen Maud University College
Kjell-Åge Gotvassli, Queen Maud University College and Nord University
Ole Fredrik Lillemyr, Queen Maud University College
Kari Hoås Moen, Queen Maud University College

Published 2017

The focus of this book is on different aspects of leadership and governess for learning in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, which serves children aged 1-5 years. Internationally, the discourse on the ECEC sector is interwoven with the discourse on early intervention, where ECEC is viewed as laying the foundation for lifelong learning, eliminating child poverty, and fostering social inclusion within an increasingly diverse population.

Foreword, Jillian Rodd. PART I: INTRODUCTION AND PERSPECTIVES. Introduction to the Book, Kjell-Åge Gotvassli and Yngve Skjæveland. Children’s Learning in Early Childhood Centers (ECCs), Ole Fredrik Lillemyr. PART II: GOVERNANCE. Governing Children’s Learning Processes Between Public Responsibility and Private Initiative – a Theoretical Perspective, Kjetil Børhaug. Governing Children’s Learning in Private Early Childhood Centers, Kjetil Børhaug. Interpretation and Implementation of the National Curriculum: Leadership of Learning in Norwegian Early Childhood Centers, Yngve Skjæveland. Norwegian Early Childhood Teachers’ Control over Children’s Learning, Kjetil Børhaug. PART III: LEADERSHIP. Leadership in Early Childhood Centers, Kjell-Åge Gotvassli. Promoting Staff and Children’s Learning: To Sides of the Same Coin? Kari Hoås Moen. Stakeholder Expectations and Leadership for Children’s Learning, Kari Hoås Moen. Disagreement About View On Learning, Kari Hoås Moen and Kjell-Åge Gotvassli. Quality Reform in the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector in Norway, Berit Irene Vannebo and Kjell-Åge Gotvassli. Strategic leadership in the Early Childhood Center as a Learning Arena, Per Tore Granrusten. The Dynamics of Pedagogical Leaders’ Everyday Leadership, Marit Bøe and Karin Hognestad. The Development of the Early Childhood Center as a Learning Organization: The Function of Pedagogic Leadership, Kjell-Åge Gotvassli. About the Authors.


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