Leading from a Feminist Soul

Edited by:
Catherine E. Hackney, Kent State University

A volume in the series: Research on Women and Education. Editor(s): Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University. Julia Ballenger, Texas A&M University, Commerce.

Published 2018

Most of the literature involving the work of women leaders has addressed barriers that historically have required women to struggle to “get to the top,” the “styles” of women leaders, and gender issues women leaders continue to face in society and the workplace. Nearly missing in the literature is the perspective that women who possess positional power also have a responsibility to make a positive, constructive difference with that power. Though many women have made that kind of a difference, the purpose of this book is to prompt other women leaders to ask themselves the question: “So, how does my leading make a positive difference to my organization, to my society, to my world?”

This book will offer inspiration, guidance, and affirmation to women who seek to lead from goodness, justice, and the power of difference they bring to the organization.

The book will include references to the authors’ autobiographical experiences as leaders in K-12 and higher education as well as to women whose stories of leadership are of particular interest: an artist, a philanthropist, a community activist, teacher and school leadership educators. These references will scaffold the construction of a theory of leadership that circles around awareness of self and others, and the social consciousness, courage, humility, and generosity of spirit that is characteristic of leading from the feminist soul.

Introduction, Catherine E. Hackney. Beginning and Becoming, Catherine E. Hackney. Vignette—The Fourth Draft: My Path Toward Recovery and Healing, Mandy Cenker. Leadership, the Feminist Ethic, and Leading From a Feminist Soul, Carol Winter. Vignette—Mulling Over Becoming: Being Shaped and Being a Shaper, Jennifer L. Scheider. Waking Up: Reflections of an Early Career Principal, Merritt F. Waters. Vignette—I Am ... and You Are Too, Wendy Samford. I Am and You Are, Alexa L. Sandman. Vignette—Struggles and Storms, Carol Winter. Gently Shaking the World, Rosemary Gornik. Vignette—The Beach, Alexa L. Sandmann. Protecting the Good Work, Wendy Samford and Catherine E. Hackney, Vignette—Love, Unexpected, Merritt F. Waters. Flesh, Feathers, and Feet: Meditations on Living the Feminist Ethic, Jennifer L. Schneider. It Boils Down to Gratitude, Which Flows As Generosity, Catherine E. Hackney. The Strong Feminist Souls of Our Book.