Legal and Regulatory Issues in Human Resources Management

Edited by:
Ronald R. Sims, William & Mary
William I. Sauser Jr., Auburn University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Human Resource Management Issues Challenges and Opportunities. Editor(s): Ronald R. Sims, William & Mary.

Published 2014

This edited book is intended to address the need for an updated look at the HRM legal and regulatory environment. Contrary to existing books which address legal issues in HRM from a narrower focus or specific issue (like sexual harassment, performance appraisal or employment termination), this book provides a comprehensive and in-depth look at legal issues, regulations and laws which govern all aspects of human resource management—recruitment, selection, placement, performance management (i.e., employee training and development), benefits and compensation—and specific issues such as job analysis, sexual harassment, and the like.

The contributors to this book offer their insight derived from their own research and practical experience with the HRM legal and regulatory environment/world of work. More specifically, the contributors examine, analyze and discuss challenges, issues and opportunities related to HRM legal and regulatory issues and the implications for employees and their organizations while emphasizing the importance of navigating such laws and regulations to the employment cycle and toward sustainable competitive advantage in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations.

List of Figures. List of Tables. Acknowledgements. An Introduction to Legal Issues in Human Resources Management, Ronald R. Sims. and William I. Sauser, Jr. Human Resources Management Audit: Ensuring Compliance With HRM Laws and Regulations, Ronald R. Sims and William I. Sauser, Jr. HR and the Law: The HR Practitioner’s Point of View, Sheri Bias and Barry Hoy. Aligning Respect and Dignity With Organizational Infrastructure and External Regulation, George Denninghoff and Sheri Bias. From Idea to Implementation: Statutes, Regulations, and Cases, Robert A. Tufts and William I. Sauser, Jr. Legal Issues in Employee Selection: Negotiating the Obstacles and Avoiding the Landmines, Brian L. Bellenger and Kenneth A. Yusko. Navigating the HRM Responsibilities of the ADA, Christine Ledvinka Rush. Immigration in a Nutshell, Sue Ann Balch. Combating Age Discrimination: Legal and Regulatory Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities, Jonathan P. West. The Continuing Development of the Law on Sexual Harassment, William J. Woska. The Use of Technology in Employee Selection and Development: Advantages and Pitfalls, Martinique Alber. Technology and Employee Privacy Challenges, Sheri K. Bias and Karin L. Bogue. Negotiating Contract Management and Personnel in High-Technology, High-Complexity Domains: Issues of Inherently Governmental and Critical Functions in Big Data Analytics Teams, Sara R. Jordan. Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace: Legal, Ethical, and Management Issues, Jonathan P. West, James S. Bowman, and Sally Gertz. Person–Organization Fit and Its Implications for Human Resource Management Practices, Daniel J. Svyantek, Kristin L. Cullen, & Alexa Doerr. Toward a Better Understanding of International Human Resources Management Laws and Legal Issues, Ronald R. Sims. The Role and Function of the Organizational Ombudsperson, C. Kevin Coonrod. Practical Advice for HRM Professionals when Facing a Federal Lawsuit, William I. Sauser, Jr., Ronald R. Sims, and John G. Veres, III. Human Resources Management, the Law, and Organizational Change, Ronald R. Sims and William I. Sauser, Jr. About the Contributors.