Liberating Scholarly Writing

The Power of Personal Narrative

Robert Nash, The University of Vermont

Published 2019

This book provides an alternative to the more conventional modes of qualitative and quantitative inquiry currently used in professional training programs, particularly in education. It features a very accessible presentation that combines application, rationale, critique, and inspiration—and is itself an example of this kind of writing.

It teaches students how to use personal writing in order to analyze, explicate, and advance their ideas. And it encourages minority students, women, and others to find and express their authentic voices by teaching them to use their own lives as primary resources for their scholarship.

Foreword. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1: Personal Narrative Writing Matters. CHAPTER 2: What Is Scholarly Personal Narrative Writing? CHAPTER 3: Tentative Guidelines for Writing Scholarly Personal Narratives. CHAPTER 4: Narratives of Transition and Self-Empowerment. CHAPTER 5: Narratives of Authenticity and Connection. CHAPTER 6: Writing Ourselves as Educators and Scholars: Controversies and Challenges. CHAPTER 7: A Philosophical Case for Methodological Pluralism in Educational Scholarship. Notes. Bibliography. Recommended Books on Writing. About the Author.