Maintaining Focus, Energy, and Options Over the Career

Edited by:
S. Gayle Baugh, University of West Florida
Sherry E. Sullivan, Bowling Green State University

A volume in the series: Research in Careers. Editor(s): S. Gayle Baugh, University of West Florida.

Published 2009

The first volume of the series, Maintaining Focus, Energy, and Options Over the Career, examines how individuals enact and keep their career vital over their work life. Awarding-winning, internationally renowned researchers, including Daniel Feldman, Jennifer Deal, Phyllis Tharenou, and Terry Beehr examine the dynamic nature of contemporary careers and how careers change as individuals change in response to such factors as aging, learning, experience or contextual changes. Volume 1 includes theoretical perspectives on maintaining person-environment “fit” over the course of the career, the shifting constellation of developmental relationships over time and place, a new framework for examining midcareer renewal, a reconceptualization of the retirement transition, and potential gender differences in self-initiated international careers. Empirical studies in volume 1 examine provocative questions including: Is the traditional career really dead? Are there significant generational differences in learning and development? Can career plateauing be positive for the individual or the organization? The focus throughout this volume is on how careers unfold over time and how individuals remain productive and successful as they navigate career changes.

Introduction to the Series. Introduction to the Volume. The Aging Process and Person-Environment Fit, Daniel C. Feldman and Ryan M. Vogel. Developmental Relationships and the New Workplace Realities: A Life Span Perspective on Career Development Through Mentoring, S. Gayle Baugh and Sherry E. Sullivan. Generational Differences in Attitudes, Beliefs, and Preferences About Development and Learning at Work, William A. Gentry, Tracy L. Griggs, Jennifer J. Deal, and Scott P. Mondore. Career Plateauing in Older Workers: Contextual and Psychological Drivers, Dianne Bown-Wilson and Emma Parry. Midcareer Renewal: A Research Agenda for the Twenty-First Century, Sally J. Power. Bridge Employment and Retirement: Issues and Opportunities During the Latter Part of One’s Career, Mo Wang, Gary A. Adams, Terry Beehr, and Kenneth S. Shultz. Mapping the Career Journey of Accountants in Australia, Theresa Smith-Ruig. Self-Initiated International Careers: Gender Differences and Career Outcomes, Phyllis Tharenou.