Management Education for Global Sustainability

Edited by:
Charles Wankel, St. John's University, New York
James A.F. Stoner, Fordham University

A volume in the series: Research in Management Education and Development. Editor(s): Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch, Canadian University Dubai. Wolfgang Amann, HEC Paris. Hamid H. Kazeroony, North-West University Business School.

Published 2009

For more than a century management education has fostered the development of leaders of many of the world's industrial successes with their immense creation of output that we now see as unsustainable. If we wish to avoid a time of tumultuous environmental crises in the global ecosystem management education must move more to being part of the solution, rather than of the problem. The task of transforming management education to contribute to the challenge of moving to global sustainability is upon us.

Management Education for Global Sustainability provides a diverse and extensive set of perspectives on how management education can be transformed to be a significant part of the solution to the sustainability problem that business and other sectors of our world must grapple with. The spectrum of current integration of managing for sustainability into business school curricula is provided. A review of the current status sustainability oriented business degree options is completed. Approaches from around the world including China are offered. Management Education approaches through systems thinking, art, and stakeholder's theory are parsed.

Specific examples of notable programs are covered, sustainable entrepreneurship for instance. A series of reports on program and institutional level initiatives that have been very successful are described. A new MBA program with a major in sustainability, integrating ocean science courses, is considered. Programs with action learning projects and industry concentrations as core elements will be analyzed. The sense of deeper purpose vibrancy and developing authentic relationships in management education for global sustainability is robust throughout this volume.

PART I: MANAGEMENT EDUCATION FOR GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY: PAST EVOLUTION AND SOME FUTURE POSSIBILITIES. The Only Game Big Enough for Us to Play, James A. F. Stoner & Charles Wankel. The Short and Glorious History of Sustainability in North American Management Education, Gordon Rands & Mark Starik. Visions of Sustainability: An Integrative Metatheory for Management Education, Mark G. Edwards. Taoism and Innovation in China: Recovering the Legacy of Environmentally Sustainable Enterprise, John Hollwitz. PART II: APPROACHES TO BRINGING GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY INTO MANAGEMENT EDUCATION. Developing a Sustainability Consciousness through Engagement with Art, Ralph Bathurst & Margot Edwards. Education in Sustainability Through Systems Thinking, José-Rodrigo Córdoba & Terry Porter. Educating for Sustainability: The Power of Learning Journeys to Raise Consciousness, Philip H. Mirvis. The Challenges of Businesses’ Intervention in Areas with High Poverty and Environmental Deterioration: Promoting an Integrated Stakeholders’ Approach in Management Education, Diego A. Vázquez-Brust, José A. Plaza-Ubeda, Claudia E. Natenzon, & Jerónimo de Burgos-Jiménez. PART III: INSTITUTIONAL AND PROGRAM LEVEL INNOVATIONS IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION FOR GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY. Building the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI): Pioneering Management Education for Global Sustainability, Jill Bamburg & Lorinda Rowledge. Educating Future Business Leaders in the Strategic Management of Global Change Opportunities: The Blue MBA, S. Bradley Moran, Mark M. Higgins, & Deborah E. Rosen. The Contribution of French Business and Management Education to the Development of Key Skills in Sustainable Development, Vera Ivanaj & John R. McIntyre. Undergraduate Management Education for Sustainability: A Perspective from the Liberal Arts, Kirk R. Karwan, Robert L. Underwood, & Thomas I. Smythe. PART IV: CREATING SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT COURSES IN GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY. Investing in a Sustainable Future, Mark White & Edeltraud Günther. The Sustainability Business Case: Educating MBAs in Sustainability, Wendy Stubbs & Ed Lockhart. Grounding Sustainability in Reality: Encouraging Students to Make Their Own Case for Action, Kate Kearins & Eva Collins. The Integration of Real-World Student Projects into a Sustainable MBA Program, Robert Sroufe. Teaching Green Business: How to Bring Sustainability into a Capstone Business, Robert Girling. Training Managers for Sustainable Development: The Lens of Three Practitioners, Emmanuel Raufflet, Denis Dupré, & Odile Blanchard. About the Authors.