Mastering Hidden Costs and Socio-Economic Performance

Edited by:
Henri Savall, ISEOR and Jean Moulin University
Veronique Zardet, ISEOR and Jean Moulin University

A volume in the series: The ISEOR Series. Editor(s): Henri Savall, ISEOR and Jean Moulin University.

Published 2008

This volume is a first for the Research in Management Consulting series. As research and theory building in management consulting have grown rapidly during the past several years, the series is dedicated to capturing the latest thinking from applied scholars and scholarly practitioners in this field. Complexity and uncertainty in today’s fast-paced business world have prompted a growing number of organizations—profit and not-for-profit alike—to seek guidance in their concomitant change efforts. External and internal consultants and change agents have become increasingly visible in most, if not all, organizational change initiatives. Individual consultants and consulting firms have become increasingly involved in not only providing organizational clients with advice and new ideas but in implementing those ideas and solutions as well. While the series will continue to seek out and explore emerging trends, innovative perspectives, and new insights into the world of management consulting, it is also useful to look back— especially in different countries and cultures—to recapture and revisit past frameworks, intervention models and contributions. This volume is a translation and modest updating of Henri Savall and Véronique Zardet’s original work on mastering “hidden costs,” initially published in French in 1987.

Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: HIDDEN COSTS REDUCTION AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE. The Origin of Hidden Costs. Evaluating Hidden Costs. The Sustainable Reduction of Hidden Costs. PART II: SETTING UP SOCIO-ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT. The Horivert Procedure. The Socio-Economic Diagnostic. The Socio-Economic Innovation Project. Implementation. PART III: TWO TOOLS FOR THE CUSTOMIZED MANAGEMENT OF THE ENTERPRISE. Socio-Economic Management, Hidden Costs, and the Periodically Negotiable Activity Contract. The Strategic Piloting Indicator Logbook. PART IV: CONCLUSION. Evaluation of Results. POSTSCRIPT. The Research Work of the Socio-Economic Institute of Enterprises and Organizations (ISEOR). Table of Studied Enterprises. Recommended Reading. About the Authors.