Memory in the Wild

Edited by:
Brady Wagoner, Aalborg University
Ignacio Brescó de Luna, Aalborg University
Sophie Zadeh, University of Cambridge

A volume in the series: Niels Bohr Professorship Lectures in Cultural Psychology. Editor(s): Brady Wagoner, Aalborg University. Nandita Chaudhary, University of Delhi. Pernille Hviid, University of Copenhagen.

Published 2020

Venturing out of the laboratory into the wild of natural settings, it becomes untenable to locate memory strictly in the head. Instead, memory appears as a materially extended and socially distributed process, embedded within culture and history. This book explores the complex relations between practices of remembering and the settings in which they are enacted. It advances a novel set of concepts developed from ecological, cognitive, cultural and narrative currents in psychology and further afield to analyze (1) trajectories of autobiographical remembering, (2) the relation between individual and collective memory, (3) memory and cultural transmission, as well as (4) various methodological techniques to investigate memory in the wild.

Introducing Memory in the Wild, Brady Wagoner and Ignacio Bresco de Luna. PART I: NIELS BOHR LECTURE. Memory in the Wild: Life Space, Setting-Specificity, and Ecologies of Experience, Steve Brown and Paula Reavey. PART II: TRAJECTORIES OF AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL REMEMBERING. Living Memories in the Wild, Tania Zittoun. On the Possibility of Becoming Otherwise: Autobiographical Memories, Development, and Transition Into Motherhood, Mariann Märtsin. Setting Specificity and Memory: A Perspective From Sociocultural Psychology, Constance de Saint Laurent. PART III: BETWEEN INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE MEMORY. Remembering Traumatic Experiences Across Time and Place: How the Dialogical Turn Echoes Memory in the Wild, Cathy Nicholson. A Developmental Approach to Remembering: The Dialectic Between Collective Memory and Identity Construction, Alicia Barreiro. Remembering and Forgetting in the Wild: A Social Representations Perspective, Sophie Zadeh. PART IV: MEMORY AND CULTURAL TRANSMISSION. Beyond the Master Narrative: Memories in the Globalizing Educational Context, Floor van Alphen. Narrated and Embodied Memories: A Theory of Dialogical Multiplication, Danilo Silva Guimarães. “That’s a Value I Would Transmit in Some Way, But How Concretely, I Don’t Know”: Intergenerational Value Transfer Revised in Light of Memory, Isabelle Albert, Stephanie Barros, and Dany Boulanger. PART V: METHODOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS. Collaborative Remembering Sequences, Lucas M. Bietti. Narrative as an Elaborative Rehearsal for Autobiographical Memories, Chiara Fioretti. Experiencing Contemporary Memorials: A Process-Ecological Methodology, Brady Wagoner and Ignacio Bresco de Luna. PART VI: CONCLUDING RESPONSE. Conclusion: Remembering as Difference, Steve Brown and Paula Reavey. About the Authors.