Mending Walls

Historical, Socio‐Political, Economic, and Geographical Perspectives

Edited by:
Richard A. Diem, University of Texas - San Antonio
Michael J. Berson, University of South Florida

A volume in the series: International Social Studies Forum: The Series. Editor(s): Cathy A. R. Brant, Rowan University.

Published 2017

This volume of the International Social Studies Forum offers papers presented at the 2016 Social Studies Education Forum International Conference that was held in Berlin, Germany in June, 2016. The authors are a cross section of international educators.

The issues and research structures noted in the volume focus on how education can mend the walls dividing societies, both internally and externally, across the globe. Papers on understanding how to use democratic and civic education to off set differences in cultural perspectives to understanding how educational policy influences choice and activism are represented throughout.

Preface. Introduction. Social Studies in Germany: A Comparative View, Carole L. Hahn. Civic Studies in a Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics: A Travelogue with Four Lesson Observation Reports, Tilman Grammes. The Beutelsbach Consensus, Sibylle Reinhardt. The Global Citizenship Debate: Cosmopolitanism, Patriotism, and Expanding Definitions, Shane Pisani. The Kids Are Starting to Get an Understanding of Themselves as Citizens: Increasing Elementary School Students’ Civic Proficiency Through Perspective-Taking, William Toledo. “Bearing with Strangers” in Democratic Education: Understanding Through Conflict and Forgiveness, Jane C. Lo. Schools Into the Breach: How Nations Use Formal and Informal Education to Dismantle or Erect Political and Social Walls, Charles S. White. Uncovering Lost Voices: African American Involvement in the Liberation of Concentration Camps During the Holocaust, Gregory Samuels. Dismantling Walls and Rebuilding Our Sense of Place: Contemporary Flâneurs Reflecting on Holocaust Remembrance in Berlin, Michael J. Berson and Ilene R. Berson. The Nanjing Safety Zone: The Dilemma of Creating a Protective Wall, Jing Williams and Mary Johnson. Insights from India: Learning About Culture Through Photos and Journal Writing, Crista K. Banks. Deconstructing Otherness: Social Studies Teachers’ Discursive Representations of Middle Eastern Populations, Daniel Osborn. Shattering the Persisting Walls Between Both Ability and Disability and Homogeneity and Diversity in Schools and Society: Shifting the Focus From Differences to Sameness, Christy Hammer and Susan Gately. Disrupting Spaces for Education Policymaking and Activism, Sarah Diem and Anjalé D. Welton. SSEC on Berlin 2016: A Summation and Reflection, Murry Nelson. About the Contributors.


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