Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 13 - Call for Papers

Edited by:

A volume in the series: Middle Grades Research Journal. Editor(s): Toni M. Williams, University of South Carolina.

Published 2021


This volume of the Middle Grades Research Journal will explore the voice of middle school students, teachers and their perspectives around critical contemporary issues that impact the lives and school experiences of middle level education. The current educational practices along with the bans on teaching historical factual content (for example, within the anti-CRT legislation) and middle level curriculum that impacts our pedagogy as teachers, researchers and teacher educators. The editors invite manuscripts that critically examine methodological approaches that empower middle school students/adolescents in the research. We also welcome conceptual pieces that challenge dominant ideologies and pedagogies, and those that critique research paradigms.


• CRT: Facts, Myths and Misconceptions (to include discussion on Culturally responsive, relevant and sustaining, anti-blackness, and anti-racist education).

• Encouraging Middle Level education and defining Middle Level philosophy
o Middle schools and the ML philosophy
o Grade configurations

• Responding to ongoing anti-Black racism across educational and societal institutions.

• Transformative educational practices in middle level education with children and preservice< teachers.

• What constitutes equity, diversity and Inclusion in middle level education.

• Trauma informed teaching.

Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by February 4, 2022 regarding the status of their submission along with manuscript guidelines. Full manuscripts should not exceed 30 pages double space in Times New Roman, 12-point font (not including references, notes, tables and figures).

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR PUBLICATION: Abstract Submissions: December 17, 2021
Notification of invite to submit chapter: February 4, 2022
Submission of chapter: March 31, 2022
Reviews of manuscripts sent to author(s): April 2022
Anticipated publication: Spring 2022

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

• Submit “blinded” manuscript as a single document attachment to a cover submission email message
• The body of the manuscript should not exceed 30 pages double-spaced (i.e., not including references, notes, tables, and figures)
• Manuscripts should be prepared using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th Edition
• Full references for all citations should be included, following APA guidelines
• Submit your manuscript electronically via email to
•All files (except figures) should be in Microsoft Word, double-spaced. Do not justify or apply hyphenation, outlining, or any other formatting

Include the following items with your submission:

• Substantive abstract of 150 words or fewer
• Text manuscript: Add page numbers. Be sure the manuscript includes all of the following elements: references, chapter appendices, footnotes, tables, exhibits/boxes/cases, figure captions. Place these at the end of the text portion of the manuscript (no need to break these out separately)
• Figures: Identify each figure with a number (e.g., Figure 1.1) and figure title; an example: “Figure 3, Nursing Procedures.” Place all figures in the folder. See below for more information regarding figure preparation and citation in text
• About the Author (required): A brief (1-2 paragraph) biography of each author

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