Middle Grades Research

Exemplary Studies Linking Theory to Practice

Edited by:
David L. Hough, Missouri State University

Published 2009

Middle Grades Research: Exemplary Studies Linking Theory to Practice is the first and only book to present what is perhaps the most thoroughly scrutinized group of studies focusing on middle grades education issues ever assembled. Each research project undertaken by the contributing authors herein resulted in the publication of a scholarly paper. As a collection, the ten studies featured in this book are the crème de la crème of submissions to the Middle Grades Research Journal between August 2006 and December 2008. They are the ten highest peer reviewed manuscripts examined by members of the MGRJ Review Board - each having undergone careful "blinded" examination by three or more experts in the sub-specialty area addressed by the research study conducted. In addition, each study serves to exemplify how sound, practical research findings can be linked to classroom practice in middle grades classrooms.

Middle Grades Research: Exemplary Studies Linking Theory to Practice is a must read for university professors and a useful tool for middle grades educators across all subject areas and school settings. Professors who teach middle grades courses, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, will find the book to be a superb supplemental / accelerated readings text. Every college-level middle grades education course should make this book an integral part of class discussions.

The book is also an excellent professional development study group resource for middle grades principals and classroom teachers across all subject areas. School level “Professional Learning Communities” (PLCs) will find that Dr. Hough’s book stimulates scholarly thought, promotes discussion, and demonstrates how educational theory can and should impact teaching and learning.

Effects of an Elementary Dual Language Immersion School Program on Junior High School Achievement, Brian Cobb, Diego Vega, and Cindy Kronauge. A Randomized Evaluation of the Success for All Middle School Reading Program, Anne Chamberlain, Cecelia Daniels, Nancy A. Madden, and Robert E. Slavin. Middle Grades’ School Models and Their Impact on Early Adolescent Self-Esteem, Margaret Zoller Booth, Heather Chase Sheehan, and Mark A. Earley. A Multi-Study Examination of the Validity of a Risk and Protective Factor Model for Young Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use, Vicki L. Schmitt, Michelle L. Dunham, Bruce B. Frey, and Carol A. Carman. Reading Achievement, Suspensions, and African American Males in Middle School, Kenneth A. Anderson, Keith E. Howard, and Anthony Graham. Contributions of Middle Grade Students to the Validation Process of a National Science Assessment Study, Linda Morell. Comparing the Motivational Profiles of High-Ability-Low-Performing (HALP) Students and High-Ability-High-Performing (HAHP) Students, Stuart P. Payne, Robert Rueda, and Myron H. Dembo. The Relationship between Motivational Orientation and Educational Aspirations in Urban, African American Youth, Cheryl B. Warner and Rosemary E. Phelps. Linking Teachers’ Perceptions of Educational Value Discontinuity to Low-Income Middle School Students’ Academic Engagement and Self-Efficacy, Kenneth M. Tyler, Christina M. Boelter, and A. Wade Boykin. The Relationship Between Attitude Towards Conflict and Drug Involvement Attitudes, Jill H. Lohmeier, Vicki L. Schmitt, and Bruce B. Frey.