Multiculturalism Still Matters in Education and Society

Responding to Changing Times

Festus E. Obiakor, Sunny Educational Consulting

Published 2021

Today, we live in changing times and how we respond to these changes creates some uneasiness in our daily lives. Some of these changes reflect demographic shifts in power and paradigm in the United States, while others reflect the reckless assumption that our problems are insurmountable. Multiculturalism Still Matters in Education and Society: Responding to Changing Times urges us to collaborate, consult, and cooperate for our common good. It rightly emphasizes that multiculturalism will always matter in whatever we do in our complex world. In addition, it challenges us to continue to see differences as strengths that must be valued in dealing with our students, educational professionals, leaders, and communities. Finally, this book inspires us to expand our discourses, create avenues for “hearty” conversations, look for ways to make invisible voices visible, and help culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) and vulnerable populations to maximize their fullest potential.

Foreword, Jacob U’Mofe Gordon. Preface, Festus E. Obiakor. CHAPTER 1: Multiculturalism as a Critical Educational and Social Imperative. CHAPTER 2: Applying Multiculturalism: Knowledge and Beyond. CHAPTER 3: Diversity-Oriented Leadership for the 21st Century. CHAPTER 4: Infusing Multicultural and Global Contexts in Science and Mathematics Education to Young Children. CHAPTER 5: Building Excellence in Education by Developing Self-Concepts of Multicultural and Vulnerable Students. CHAPTER 6: Multicultural Imperatives for Educational Leaders. CHAPTER 7: Multicultural Powers of “Fluffy” Words and Actions in Education. CHAPTER 8: Tackling Hate to Infuse Multicultural Education in Colleges/Schools of Education. CHAPTER 9: Morally Repugnant Leadership Versus Morally Caring Leadership: Shifting Cultural Paradigms and Powers. CHAPTER 10: “Black Lives Matter” in Education and Society: Towards Multicultural Enlightenment. CHAPTER 11: “Leaving the World Better Than We Saw It”: Enhancing Authentic Human and Multicultural Valuing. Afterword, Floyd Beachum. References. About the Author.